Holtville Businessman Found Dead In El Centro

Luke Phillips
Holtville resident and owner of Pepe’s Garage on Walnut Ave., Manuel Juarez was found dead in an El Centro motel Friday.
Commander Jeff Mason with the El Centro Police Department says Juarez was found around Noon on Friday, June 2 by staff at the Great Western Motel on Adams Ave. Mason says staff made a regular check of the room after check-out time and discovered the body.
Mason says Juarez’s death is being investigated as a homicide for the time being.
“There was enough suspicion surrounding the discovery of the body to cause us concern and lead us not to form the opinion that this was a suicide,” he said.
Mason says police will have more information and be able to form a better opinion after an autopsy is performed this Friday.
“It (the autopsy) will lead us to the conclusion if this was a suicide or a murder,” Mason said. “It’s not clear cut enough for us to label it one or the other yet.”