Happy New Year … New Fiscal New Year that is!

George William Curtis once said, “The New Year begins in a snow storm of white vows …”   Well, this is Imperial Valley – no snow fall here save the toasty triple digit temperatures that rang in our Fiscal New Year with a high of 113º today   =)

As we say goodbye to the 2009-2010 Fiscal Year and hello to 2010-2011 – it’s hard not to begin remembering the many challenges we came across this past year – Yes, one would think that would be the consuming focus of our memories of the FY Past – but instead the steady commitment you have brought to our small operation quickly washes above all of those challenges – Thank you!

It is this sunny outlook that will keep us looking forward with a collective enthusiasm that we can do better even yet.    So throughout the many obstacles our local econmoy presented us with – that kept us in a very realistic mode; with the New Year we can also remain optimistic that we will be able to bring our goals, our services and our continued commitment to a community that trusts us.

So, I guess ending with Joe King’s New Year quote would be more appropriate – “New Year, Same Goal …”   =)   Happy New Year and thank you for all you do – we couldn’t have done it without you!

IVSC New Year – Thanks for the Memories Video:

Set to the Fine Young Cannibals Song – “She Drives Me Crazy” … and yes, sometimes this fine old girl we know as The American Red Cross can do that to us – but more than that she compels us to do our best in the most trying of times …

Here are some totals that capture the year’s activities … Our goals for the coming year are greater – the challenges bigger – Hope we can count on you to meet them!

Disaster – IVSC Totals

DAT Responses / Clients Assisted   – 27 / 79
Canteen Responses / Canteen Clients – 10 / 232

Other – IVSC Totals

Outreach Events / Participants Reached – 55 / 153,206
Meetings / Training – 146

Health & Safety IVSC Totals

Community Classes  –

Total of the Adult/Infant/Child CPR, First Aid, AED Components

Authorized Providers –

Total of the Adult/Infant/Child CPR, First Aid, AED Components

Full Service (includes USBP NAN)

Total of the Adult/Infant/Child CPR, First Aid, AED Components

Aquatics 373
All other special courses 52
Grand Total 4,111

Financials IVSC Totals

Products & Services  –

Totals do not include the USBP NAN FS Contracts

Just over …


Donations –

Includes Special WRCD Event, United Way, PIV Campaign

International Relief Fund – Haiti $25,074.89
International Relief Fund – Chile $40.00
Grand Total $119,941.86