CBP Stops Machine Guns, Ammunition Headed into Mexico from California

Andrade, Calif. — U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers performing southbound inspections at the Andrade, Calif. border crossing stopped a driver with two machine guns strapped to the engine of his pickup from entering Mexico with the weapons and 680 rounds of ammunition.

CBP officers discover two machine guns fastened to the engine of a pickup truck with zip ties.

At about 10:30 a.m., July 10, CBP officers inspecting vehicles leaving the United States, heading into Mexico, stopped a 20-year-old male U.S. citizen driving a white Ford F-150 pickup truck.

A CBP officer referred the car and driver for a more intensive inspection after noticing the driver displaying signs of nervousness.

CBP officers popped the pickup’s hood, and discovered two machine guns and two green ammunition containers strapped to the vehicle’s engine with plastic zip ties. Upon further investigation, officers also discovered ammunition hidden on top of the spare tire, underneath the pickup truck’s bed.

In total, CBP officers found: an MG42 7.92 universal machine gun, a SA43 7.62 X54R MM machine gun, 680 rounds of ammunition, including 280 7.62 caliber rounds, 100 8mm caliber rounds, 100 22LR caliber rounds, and 200.233 caliber rounds, and two boxes of machine gun ammunition links, used to fashion an automated belt for the machine gun ammunition.

CBP seized the vehicle, weapons, and ammunition, and turned custody of the driver over to agents with Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Border Enforcement Security Task Force. The driver will face criminal charges.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection is the unified border agency within the Department of Homeland Security charged with the management, control and protection of our nation’s borders at and between official ports of entry. CBP is charged with keeping terrorists and terrorist weapons out of the country while enforcing hundreds of U.S. laws.

Seriously. As mentioned above. A real MG42 is worth in excess of 35K. This weapon is probably a semi auto clone or the idiot doesn’t know the true value. The SA43 is more than likely a parts kit that was bought and restored. These were offered for sale last year.… Read more »
Again the shockingly below average weapons knowledge of law enforcement officers is on display here. It could be the dressed up Ruger as there is .22 ammo. However 8mm ammo was found. But ammunition links were found. This is not consitant with an MG42. The MG42 would use a non-disintagrating… Read more »
Whisky Bravo 1

Fiftycal is right. This is NOT what the cartels are using. I wonder if the MG42 is actually a Ruger 10-22 with a MG42 dress up stock? That would explain the .22 ammo they found.

Either the cops are playing you for fools or they are stooopid. A REAL MG42, with the proper licensing, would be worth about $35,000. The guns are legal, semi-auto guns that are probably even legal in Kalipornia. Now smuggling them into Mexico is against the law. MEXICAN LAW.