Calexico passes a 45-day moratorium on Adult Entertainment

By Mario Conde

The Calexico City Council passed an emergency measure prohibiting new or relocated adult entertainment businesses during a special period for 45 days.

In a special meeting held two weeks ago City Administration stated that they currently regulate adult entertainment establishments in order to prevent deleterious and unlawfully secondary effects, such as prostitution, organized crime, and urban blight. This 45-day moratorium procedure authorized will allow for the study of regulations these establishments. The Council wishes to study the potential options and effects of zoning and operations of these entities. No store of this kind will be able to be granted licenses, use permits, or zoning approvals for existing or new Adult entertainment businesses.

Assistant City Manager Armando Villa said that the current ordinance does not adequately reflect the goals and objectives of the City Council in preventing deleterious secondary hazards of adult entertainments and failing to modify the current, insufficient regulations of adult entertainment will pose an immediate threat to public health and making it too easy for these businesses to become established.

The resolution stated that while enhancing regulation of adult entertainment establishments, it is the intention of the City Council to do so while protecting freedom of speech guaranteed by the Federal and State Constitutions. This moratorium, City Staff said, on new and different locations for adult entertainment businesses in the City of Calexico is to give the City the opportunity to best evaluate how these businesses can be regulated to both accommodate free speech and protect businesses can be regulated to both accommodate free speech and protect businesses and individual right to freedom of speech.

The ordinance is made since there are efforts underway for an adult entertainment establishment to either open or relocate within the City.

One Adult business store that was effect recently by the earthquake is the VIP adult book store on Third St was demolished due to the damages to the property. They are currently looking for a new location in the City of Calexico.

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