From the daily archives: Thursday, July 15, 2010

By Luke Phillips
So far, the death of local resident Manuel Jaurez remains a mystery.
Jaurez was found dead by staff members at the Golden West motel on Adams Avenue in El Centro on Friday, July 2.
An autopsy performed Friday, July 10 revealed that Jaurez died of asphyxiation, but police still haven’t been able to determine if Juarez was murdered or if he took his own life.
El Centro Police Commander Jeff Mason says that so far, a pathologist has ruled Juarez’s manner of death undetermined.
“We’re waiting for more test results to give a more clear picture of what went on,” Mason said.
Mason says that toxicology and other tests will be performed to help determine the manner of death, but it could be weeks before the tests yield any answers.
“The tests usually take between five and eight weeks to complete,” Mason said. “The medical examiner and pathologist are being just as careful as we are.”
Mason says that the police haven’t identified any people of interest in the death, but have interviewed and question everyone who was at the scene when the body was discovered.
“We’re confident that the people we talked to and questioned were the ones we needed to speak to,” Mason said. “We believe there are no potential witnesses we haven’t identified and interviewed.


Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today issued the following statement in support of the Attorney General’s decision to file a lawsuit to overturn the recent decisions by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Federal Housing Finance Agency that effectively prevent the continuation of residential Property Assessed Clean Energy Financing (PACE) programs.

“I strongly support the Attorney General’s decision to file suit to allow PACE programs to continue in California. By making it more affordable for Californians to invest in energy efficiency, PACE programs offer great benefits to California. Achieving energy independence has always been a top priority in my Administration, and it would be preposterous to do away with a program that will create jobs, provide energy savings and benefit our environment. That is why I urge a quick resolution to this lawsuit to allow the continuation of PACE programs in California.”

Governor Schwarzenegger created the California Recovery Task Force to track the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding coming into the state; work with President Barack Obama’s administration; help cities, counties, non-profits, and others access the available funding; ensure that the funding funneled through the state is spent efficiently and effectively; and maintain a Web site ( that is frequently and thoroughly updated for Californians to be able to track the stimulus dollars.


City of Holtville

Monday, July 12


The caller’s gate has been forced open sometime late last night; the caller arrived home to find that his back gate was pushed in. Though there are clear signs of the fence being struck hard by a large vehicle, nobody saw it; the caller was advised of his options.


A couple of subjects were in a heated discussion which was fine until they started to push each other around. The two males started to get a little louder and a little more violent with each passing minute, they were both also under the influence. The subjects had decided to call it a night before an officer arrived.


The reporting party’s dog is missing the caller stated that she last saw the dog this morning. The caller stated that the dog is a Jack Russell Terrier and that it is quite old for her age, she admits to having left the gate open, she was advised to contact animal control.

Tuesday, July 13


It was reported that a male and female sibling pair are horse playing, the caller stated that they are just fighting in their front lawn. The caller did yell out to them to stop, but they ignored him, both had dispersed before an officer could arrive.


It was reported that the neighbors were having a loud party; the caller stated that the music was just too loud. The host was contacted, though he did comply with the caller himself, the music was turned up after a few minutes. The host was contacted and asked to keep it down.


It was reported that 2 male subjects have broken into the caller’s SUV; the subjects have ran off with the stereo system and speakers. The caller was advised of his options, a full report was taken of the incident.

Wednesday, July 14


It was reported that 2 subjects were looking into some of the vehicles in the area, when contacted; they stated that they were just waiting for a ride. The caller was asked to call back should they continue to act suspicious, both subjects were seen leaving the neighborhood.


The caller has noticed a husband and wife couple having an intense argument, the caller did not state what the argument was about. The married couple were separated, the wife found a friend to stay with for the night.


It was reported that a male subject keeps knocking on the caller’s window, the caller does know him and he had tried to break ties with him, the subject was not in the area upon arrival, the caller was advised on how to deal with the situation.

City of El Centro

Friday, July 9


A male subject has returned and started banging on the caller’s front door yet again. The caller has no idea who this man is or if he is even from the area, the subject was gone before an officer arrived on the scene. The caller was advised of his options.


A couple of males were under the influence and were having a fist fight late last night. Though no one was badly hurt, they were separated and counseled, both males resolved their problems with their words. The couple was left with a warning and advised to seek outside help.


It was reported that a male homeless subject is pan handling in the area, the subject who refuses to leave was giving a hard time to customers who don’t donate. The subject was sent on his way, he was asked to not return, the caller was advised of his options.

Saturday, July 10


It was reported that a male and female couple are having an intense argument, both were also seen threatening each other, they were both counseled, the male have left to a friend’s home for the night.


There was a large gathering in which they were arguing sometime last night. The small party was getting loud and physical as they began to push and shove. The party dispersed, the caller was asked to call back should they start up again.


It was reported that a blue vehicle has almost rear ended the caller’s vehicle twice, the caller also stated that the orange vehicle was also running stop signs, the vehicle was not found, the caller was advised of her options.


An older looking male subject took an 18 pack of Heineken, sometime late last night. The subject then ran into a lifted truck which was occupied by three other male subjects. The truck sped off, burning rubber; the caller was advised of his options.

Sunday, July 11


It was reported that there is a subject in the neighborhood causing a disturbance, the subject appeared to be very loud and was bothering some of the people at the location, the subject was not found in the area


A few unknown subjects were loitering in the neighborhood, the caller notice them get a real close look at his vehicle. Though the subjects didn’t make a move, the caller is afraid that they might. Close patrol was granted for the caller, he was advised to call back should the group return.

Monday, July 12


A male subject was sitting on her front yard, right on the grass. When the caller asked if the male subject needed help, he got up and walked away without looking back. The caller got the impression that he was either drugged up or heavily medicated. She was asked to call back should the subject return.


It was reported that the caller’s daughter is pushing, hitting and scream at her, the caller is fed up, the reason for her daughter’s behavior is because the caller took away her cell phone the daughter was counseled.

Tuesday, July 13


It was reported that a white SUV, is driving into town recklessly and seems to be swerving a lot. It’s believed that the driver may have been in the influence of drinking or a type of drug. The caller was advised to call back should the SUV return to the neighborhood.


The caller is concerned that his children who are currently in the custody of his ex-wife are living under bad conditions. He stated that his ex-wife is dating is not an exact role-model and that they fight constantly. The caller was counseled and advised to take these matters to child services and or the civil court.

City of Brawley

Friday, July 9


One of the caller’s neighbors is having a large party; the problem was that the music was way too high. The party host was asked to lower the music, he explained that it was a birthday party and had drinking and karaoke on; they did comply to lowering the music a bit.


The reporting party was noticing people trying to drive down the street are being hindered, the caller then stated that there are kids on the street. No one was found in the area when an officer passed by, the caller was counseled.


It was reported that the neighbor’s kids are bothering and throwing objects the caller’s dog. Though the caller had asked them on several occasions to please stop, it seems that the message isn’t getting through. The kids were finally counseled.

Saturday, July 10


It was reported that a verbal dispute broke out between the caller and her ex-boyfriend, they were fighting over the fact that he has been known to harass her mother, and child custody, both parties were counseled


A male subject at the local gas station was seen aggressively pan handling customers, the male who refused to leave was later seen washing the windows of a truck, he was sent on his way.

Sunday, July 11


It was reported that the caller found two of his lights in the backyard broken; the ground was pilled with shards. The caller did not notice anything missing from his backyard, the caller was advised of his options.


It was reported that the caller’s nephew has trespassed into the caller’s residence; the caller does not want him there. The subject has been removed and warned before; the subject was gone on arrival.

Monday, July 12


The caller has noticed a husband and wife couple having an intense argument out in public. The caller did not know what the argument was about, the subjects were contacted and separated, and the situation was handled.


The caller’s ex-wife was late for child exchange, while the caller was in the restroom his ex-wife verbally lashed out against his current girlfriend. Though the women did not get physical, they were still separated and counseled, the caller was advised of his options.


A male and female pair was walking thru the alley, the caller thought they were acting suspicious and looking for anything that they could easily snatch. When contacted it turned out that they were just trash digging, the subjects were asks to leave the area, they complied.

Tuesday, July 13


It was reported that the caller almost hit an unknown vehicle. The driver of the vehicle appeared to have been dosing off while driving was not found in the area. The caller was advised of his options.


It was reported that an unknown subject is loitering in the area scaring kids by yelling and screaming to them as they pass on their way from school, the man who is obviously not from the area was not found, but witnesses will call should he return.

City of Calexico

Friday, July 9


The caller’s brother is under the influence and is  trying to break in to the caller’s residence. The man is on parole and has admitted to using crystal meth, the subject was not found in the area, the caller was  advised of her options.


It was reported that a male subject who has been drinking is causing  trouble and had tried to pick a fight with the caller, the man was seen  driving off in a silver SUV, the man was not found, the caller was  advised  to call back should he return.


It was reported  that an unknown vehicle had stricken the caller’s four door,sometime last night. The caller stated that the vehicle who crashed his vehicle had driven off at a high rate of speed, there were not witnesses, the caller was advised of his options.

Saturday, July 10


The caller’s truck was vandalized sometime late last night, upon inspection it was found that the windshield was broken. An estimated cost of up to $250.00 dollars was estimated, although nothing was missing from the vehicle itself a report was taken, the caller was advised of his options.


The caller’s ex-girlfriend’s son keeps bothering the caller,harassing him. The caller isn’t convinced that the young man is working alone, he wanted to know if there was such thing as putting a restraining order on children, the man was advised on his options.


A male subject was standing in the middle of the street waving a broken glass bottle around while yelling obscentities. The caller feared that he might get hit by traffic, the subject was gone before the officers arrived in the area, the caller was advised of his options.

Sunday, July 11


The caller’s neighbors are playing their music extremely loud. The caller stated that they are outside working on a vehicle while drinking lightly and listening to loud rock music. An officer was able to contact the subjects and have them turn the music down.


The caller’s rear sliding door to his residence was shattered sometime last night. Though it isn’t known if this act was out of pure malice or with intent of burglary, a report was taken of the incident, the caller was asked to call back should anything like this happen again.


It was reported that an unknown subject broke into his vehicle, the subject ran off with a handful of electronics, including a Zune and some CDs. The caller did admit to not locking the doors last night, a report was taken of the missing items, the caller was counseled.

Monday, July 12


Two male subjects were parked across the street, the only problem is that they kept a close eye on the caller’s home. The male subjects were apparently waiting on a friend, the three subjects drove off, the caller was counseled and advised of his options.

Tuesday, July 13


It was reported that an unknown subject has vandalized his vehicle, the passenger rear side window was broken, nothing seemed to be missing from the vehicle, a report was taken, the caller was advised of his options.


The caller wants his husband to leave, after an evening of arguing and causing ruckus. The male subject was under the influence, which only lead to him getting louder and irate, the male subject was picked up by a friend.


WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Bureau of Reclamation, an agency in the Department of the Interior, has awarded a $3,247,000 contract to Ellicott Dredges, LLC, under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) for the purchase of new hydraulic dredge for use in support of Colorado River channel maintenance.

Under this award, Ellicott Dredges, LLC, a Baltimore-based contractor, will design and build a large-scale hydraulic dredge for use by Reclamation’s Yuma Area Office to remove accumulated silt and sediment from backwaters and settling basins along the lower Colorado River near Imperial and Laguna Dams.

“Removal of accumulated sediment from the lower stretches of the Colorado River is an ever present issue and challenge,” said Reclamation Commissioner Michael L. Connor.  “Keeping the channel clear of accumulated sediment through regular dredging operations will enhance Reclamation’s ability to provide irrigators along the All-American and Gila Gravity Main canals with reliable water supplies.”

The Bureau of Reclamation manages the channel, banklines, jetties, wash fans, training structures, gates, bridges, levees, and access roads for the 276 river miles of the lower Colorado River from Davis Dam to the border with Mexico. Maintenance focuses on both reliable water delivery as well as protection from flooding. Accumulated sediment is an ongoing issue, and is periodically removed from settling basins and backwaters through large scale dredging operations.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act enacted last year gave $3 billion to the Department of the Interior.

The ARRA funds represent an important component of the President’s plan to jumpstart the economy and put a down payment on addressing long-neglected challenges so the country can thrive in the 21st century.  Under the ARRA, Interior is making an investment in conserving America’s timeless treasures – our stunning natural landscapes, our monuments to liberty, the icons of our culture and heritage – while helping American families and their communities prosper again. Interior is also focusing on renewable energy projects, the needs of American Indians, employing youth and promoting community service.

“With its investments of Recovery Act funds, the Department of the Interior and its bureaus are putting people to work today to make improvements that will benefit the environment and the region for many years to come,” Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar said.

Secretary Salazar has pledged unprecedented levels of transparency and accountability in the implementation of the Department’s economic recovery projects. The public will be able to follow the progress of each project on and on Secretary Salazar has appointed a Senior Advisor for Economic Recovery, Chris Henderson, and an Interior Economic Recovery Task Force to work closely with Interior’s Inspector General and ensure the recovery program is meeting the high standards for accountability, responsibility, and transparency set by President Obama.

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