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The National Weather Service Announces that Imperial County is Under an Excessive Heat Watch for Friday

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California Attorney General files Lawsuit Against Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

SAN DIEGO – Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. today filed a lawsuit against mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for blocking an innovative California clean energy program that was designed to create tens of thousands of jobs, promote energy independence and lower utility bills.

“As the nation struggles through the worst recession in modern times, California is taking action in federal court to stop the regulatory strangulation of the state’s grass-roots program that is spreading across the country,” said Brown.

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In Other Words

Much Ado About Nothing; I’m Another Year Older!

SUMMER TIME AND THE NEWS IS REALLY SLOW. That means us news types have to scramble around looking for story to fill up our pages and our air time.
What better topic than a story about an editorial cartoon that supposedly discredited a veteran because of an eyepatch he wears.
Since eyepatches make people look sexy and mysterious, we’re not sure what all the shouting is about.
Nick Popaditch is not exactly a household name even though he’s running for Congress.
As a result he needs a little help calling attention to himself. How about an eyepatch? How about making an issue out of a tasteless cartoon about a man with an eyepatch?
Well, if getting his name known better was the goal, he has done that. He at least got into my conscienceness. Before an I.V. press editorial cartoon supposedly poked fun at his eyepatch, my only recognition of him was a small billboard posted on Fifth Street in Holtville. “Who’s that? I asked as I drove by it  several times. Well, at least I know he is a war veteran who had an eye injury. And if he capitalizes on all this noise that’s being made about the cartoon, we may even find out more about his stance on the issues.
If you’re running way behind and its summer and nobody knows much about you, then a good size controversy can help you over the doldrums and into the election season.
We haven’t seen anything about his response, if he has made one. Perhaps he’s too distraught to speak. We doubt it. We hope he takes advantage of the situation so we will actually get some information about him.
As for the I.V. Press editorial cartoon, it was an exercise in tastelessness, but this is still a free country where you can speak, or draw, what’s on your mind. How sensitive can one person be? If his feelings, or those of his supporters were hurt, perhaps he should try some less strenuous form of work other than being a political candidate.
From his website, or at least one of them touting his candidacy:
“For the record, Nick spent 16 years in the Marine Corps, led men in and out of combat, achieved the rank of Gunnery Sergeant, lost most of his eyesight for his country, and was awarded the Silver Star.”
So, what’s he going to do for  me and the people of Imperial Valley?
A Congressman is supposed to take care of his district. This was probably a pretty good trick to get his name out in front of the public without any cost involved.
We’ll see if he uses it to his advantage. His website only offers negatives and military rhetoric.
Well, it’s still only July. We’ll see where he is in October. Considering the uproar his followers created, we have to wonder what his stand is  on the Bill of Rights. Maybe he’ll give us some answers.
AS I TYPE THIS, I am another year older. My birthday was Wednesday and the days  between them keep getting shorter.
That’s OK, because this has still been the best job in the world when it comes to getting a front row seat to most everything that happens in Imperial Valley.
You have to get a little flack for doing that, but it it well worth it. And every now and then, you get to be a part of justice being served and you can help people with what  is keeping them down.
But the best part is I get to wear Hawaiian sports shirts and shorts to work in the summertime!
Take that all you people at the San Diego Union-Tribune and the L.A. Times!
IT’S SUMMERTIME AND THE LIVING IS EASY. That means we can all hover around our air conditioners for the next several months .
I got to tryout my new gas barbecue for a few days while I was on vacation last week. That’s a real treat.
So were the steaks, salmon steaks, bratwursts and shrimp kabobs we dreamed up for cooking.
This kind of summer living can get real easy to enjoy. I don’t think I’ve eaten that good in a long time. As my mother used to say: “I think I gained five pounds. “
Enjoy the rest of the summer and do something fun. Now is the time to get outside and travel somewhere. Especially to a cooler region of the planet. That’s just about everywhere.

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U.S. Border Patrol Agents Discover Bricks of Heroin Inside the Transmission of a Ford F-150 Pickup

Pine Valley, Calif. — Early this morning, U.S. Border Patrol agents discovered 10 cellophane-wrapped bricks of heroin concealed inside the transmission of a Ford F-150 pickup truck during a checkpoint inspection near Pine Valley.

At about 6 a.m., an agent encountered the suspected smuggler, a 45-year-old male Mexican national, as he drove the pickup truck to the primary inspection point. After the suspect failed to provide documentation to legally travel within the country, the agent referred him to secondary inspection.

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Holtville Council Re-Discovers Faith, Offers Invocation Before Meetings

By Luke Phillips

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