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Police Breifs

Police Breifs

City of Holtville Monday, July 5 TAKING THE LONG WAY AROUND: The caller has run into his ex-friend whom she had an argument with, the caller is willingly trying to avoid this man but he keeps coming around. The caller was advised to get a restraining order along with a few other suggestions. WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT?: It was reported that a pair of male subjects were parked across the street, the only problem is that they kept a close eye on the caller's locale, which made the [...]

Hidden Cocaine Seized at Checkpoint in Southern California

Hidden Cocaine Seized at Checkpoint in Southern California

Border Patrol agents seized nearly $900,000 of cocaine at the checkpoint on Highway 78 near Palo Verde, Calif. on Tuesday. At about 6:30 a.m., Border Patrol agents assigned to the Blythe Station encountered a 1997 Pontiac Bonneville in the checkpoint’s primary inspection area. During primary inspection, a Border Patrol canine team alerted to the area near the passenger window, indicating the likely presence of narcotics or people hidden inside the vehicle. Agents referred the [...]

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