Mexican Soccer Stars Return To Calexico

By Mario Conde

CLAUDIO SUAREZ addresses the crowd at Gutierrez Field last week. A star player of the Mexican National team, he played several World Cup tournaments. He and Ramon Ramirez were in town to promote soccer and talk to members of the PAL. Mario Conde photo.

Calexico was fortunate last week to have two legendary soccer players visiting our border town and supporting the Calexico PAL.
Former Mexican soccer players Ramon Ramirez and “El Emperador” Claudio Suarez visited Calexico for a few hours before going to Mexicali for an exhibition game between America and Chivas de Guadalajara played by retired soccer players for each team. Ramon Ramirez and Claudio Suarez were key players in their time and represented Mexico in many FIFA World Cup tournaments.
Soccer fans in Calexico met at Gutierrez Field to take pictures and meet the legendary players that made a rare visit to Calexico.
Recently, Calexico native Issac Acuna made his professional debut with Club America in the first division of Mexico. Issac started as an athlete with the Calexico PAL and now is a pro soccer player with one of the biggest teams in Mexico. The Calexico Chronicle asked Ramon Ramirez what advice he would give Issac now that he debuted with Club America.
“I think Calexico PAL is a well organized league here in Calexico and now that you have Issac Acuna completing the first step of debuting with the first teams now he has to continue working on consolidating himself with the team and accomplish what every players wants to be one day and that is to play the World Cup representing Mexico.” Ramirez said.
When asked what he thinks about the current national soccer team, Ramirez said that the team has good players and there are high expectations that Mexico gives one of its best performances in World Cup history and make it to the semi-finals.
Also present was “El Emperador” Claudio Suarez who has the record of playing the biggest number of international games with the Mexican team in history.  Suarez said that Issac has a challenge ahead of him since Club America has big starts and has to work to find a place among them.
CPAL Athletic Director Carmen Estrada said to be proud of Issac Acuna and said he is the pride of Calexico and hopes his career takes him the Mexican National Soccer Team one day. She stated that the program is stronger than ever and will continue to work for Calexico. CPAL has a second soccer player in Queretaro waiting to debut in the first division and could do so later this year.