KPBS Recognizes SDSU-IV For Community Outreach

KPBS, a public broadcasting station providing both public radio and public television to San Diego County, honored San Diego State University – Imperial Valley Campus in a special ceremony at the KPBS Copley Telecommunications Center on Wednesday, June 2, 2010.  The event presented by KPBS entitled “Raising Readers – High Five!” was a celebration of all who foster a love of reading among San Diego and Imperial Valley kids and recognized partners devoted to community outreach efforts encouraging literacy.  Keynote speaker was Elizabeth Sanchez, a seasoned broadcast journalist and host of PBS’s “A Place of Our Own.”   Presenting the award to Monica Cortez, Development Coordinator and Norma Aguilar, Freshmen Recruiter/Academic Advisor was Monica Medina, KPBS Director of Education and Outreach, in a special ceremony during the event.  In her presentation speech, Deanna Mackey, KPBS Station Manager, announced:

“One of KPBS’s most important communities that we serve is the Imperial Valley.  Last year, we started a partnership with the Office of Advancement at SDSU’s Imperial Valley Campus which is working to enrich the lives of SDSU-IV students, but also those of the Imperial Valley community. Monica Cortez and Norma Aguilar are visionaries in connecting the vibrant, bustling 50-year-old university with the community so that all residents see the school as a community center of education and learning.  In the past year, they have worked with us at KPBS to bring PBS Kids Raising Readers content to the campus as a way to engage the community and its children. They also helped get other Calexico area educators on board with Raising Readers.  Last summer, Monica and Norma incorporated curriculum created by the Electric Company into their College Begins in Kindergarten tours, where kindergarteners get to see the campus. They also hosted the Electric Company Circuit Tour and Families Stand Together events. So congratulations and thank you to the SDSU IV campus for all that you do for our community!”

(On both photos – left: Monica Medina, center: Monica Cortez, right: Norma Aguilar)
Mascot on first photo is “Duck” from PBS’s “Word World”