In Other Words

Is The Valley Re-Awakening?

IS THE VALLEY AWAKENING? It looks like some of it is.
That’s because more plans are coming up and more is being written about the approval of new centers of development  for commercial and industrial use.
Calexico once again is leading the way in speculation on property development and just got infrastructure approval from the  County Board on a large project on Hwy. 111.
It already voted to extend the land use for downtown which, if built, would double the size of downtown and fill full of new life.
Should the government ever get around to building a new west port of entry at the foot of Cesar Chavez Blvd. then this second development will be in the driver’s seat for retail business.
El Centro and the west valley are working on solar energy as a means of helping the country go green and to improve the economy in that part of the world.
With all this going on should we not think that recession is drawing to a close and we might actually see some productivity over the next few years.
We can only hope. One sign of that hope is a new try at a 24 hour urgent care center in Calexico. It would be located on Cole Road at Hwy. 111 in what is fast becoming the new center of the city. If all the developments that are planned get approved, you won’t be able to see because of all the work dust that is being kicked up.
Don’t hold your breath, but it could happen.
SPEAKING OF THE BORDER CITY we were recently elected to the Board of directors of the Chamber of Commerce in Calexico.
That’s quite an an honor considering the size of the city, the amount of development that is planned and the fact that we don’t live there.
It’s a tribute to the strength of the Calexico Chronicle which has weathered the storm of economic downturn and population shifts, as well as the changing the newspaper market.
We are as popular as ever and regularly sell-out our newspaper at the many drop points we have established.
We hope to increase our Calexico coverage as the city grows and our revenue grows along with it. “We’re in this together” is a popular phrase that applies to our relationship with all the cities we cover. We have work with them and they have to work with us to provide a good deal of news to the public.
Hildy Carrillo, the Calexico Chamber CEO, has been a longtime friend of the Chronicle. She even worked for the paper as its editor and wrote a column that had a following that stretched all over California.
She’s been a great friend to us, since she understands what it takes to keep a newspaper running these days. We hope we can be as supportive in our role on the Chamber Board.
I was on the Holtville Chamber of Commerce Board, the Brawley Chamber of Commerce Board and the Joint Chambers Board. Now its Calexico’s turn. they have a one year term for some of their members which should make it easier if they aren’t crazy about me, or vice versa.
But for the next 12 months I plan to help out anyway I can.
NOT LIKE US? heavens!
I got a certified letter chastising me for something that I was in conflict with involving some anonymous individuals.
That was a career first. I’ve been call names on the telephone, had letters to the editor written about me, even had people stop in the office to tell me what they thought of me and my column.
But up until a couple of weeks ago I had never received a certified letter. Now that does take the cake for over-reaction.I guess they wanted to make sure I got the message.
Well, they’re the ones who shelled out the extra dough to duly scourge me.
Next time, they can save themselves the cost and just call me or e-mail me. Or maybe stop by to see me. Oh, and they might try listening too.
SCHOOL IS OUT AT LAST and I’m so glad I passed, so the old song goes.
We wrapped up our school issue a week behind schedule this year due to illness on the part of some staff.
We’re glad we can enjoy the summer now and hope that all the graduates will have plenty of success in world.
High school graduation is like a loss of innocence because now you have to face the real world and get a job, or prepare for working through more formal education. Or you might get married.
I’m celebrating my 43rd wedding anniversary June 16, 2010. And Father’s Day too on the same weekend. It will be a fabulous time, I’m sure.
I hope you all enjoy your weekend.