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What A Difference A Year Makes; Election Comments; Branding Iron Winner

ONE YEAR AGO WE WERE writing about the plight of the auto industry in the United States.
I think most folks would agree that crisis has passed with the help of lots of cash from the Federal government.
I even took advantage of the discounts available and bought a new car. Now I’m helping the economy and riding in style too. The crisis would appear to be past, even though the USA still owns 66 percent of General Motors. Call it an investment in the future. More people are going back to work. We hope things keep improving through the end of this year too.
What a difference a year makes.
IT’S ELECTION DAY IN IMPERIAL COUNTY as I write this. It’s Thursday or Friday as you read this. Consider it a time differential.
I feel a little bit grumpy because so few people take the time to cast their ballot in a country where voting is supposed to be a right of the citizenry.
How hard can it be to stroll over to City Hall and fill out a ballot?
Apparently pretty hard since only 25 percent of the rgistered voters do it. Well, you have to take what you get in that case. A lamby-pie way of life if I ever saw one.
Get some gumption! Get out and vote! It won’t hurt. Trust me.
UNOFFICIAL WINNERS AND LOSERS INCLUDE: Wally leimgruber, John Renison, Matt Dessert, Anthony Sanchez, and Carlton hargrave. Watch for the re-canvass of the ballots and the results ot change around June 18th, accoding to our sources at the county.
The results will be official in about two weeks, according to one person who should know at the County Courthouse.
Most folks don’t like the current system and would like a speedier, modern way of counting the votes.
Unfortunatley, those same people don’t want to pay for the technology necessary to do just that. Some say the county is too small. But how small is too small?
A two week delay, for a county this size, is too long. This is the age of instant communication. It’s possible to beam the results to everybody’s cell phone.  It is also the age of accuracy and the county vote counting hasn’t been very accurate at times.
We hope the next recorder and clerk get aorund to streamlining this process to bring about results that mean something on election night.
WE ATTENDED A PRETTY GOOD PARTY up in Brawley last week as the Chamber of Commerce had its annual dinner. It presented the Branding Iron Award to Bill Brandt, the man behind Brawley Beef. It’s now National Beef, but its still in Brawley providing local jobs and money for the economy.
Brandt’s contribution continues with heavy support of the educational institutions in the Valley.
He’s definitely been successful in Brawley and has repaid that success to the community with his support of it and the entire Valley.
Even though there was a fairly good turnout, it wasn’t as big as it has been in the past. This is probably a reflection of the times. there were lots of old friends to chat with and say hello once again. And a pretty good program of awards and recognitions. We hope things will get even better by next year.
OVER IN HOLTVILLE, they’re talking about a nature trail once again along the Alamo River.
This is a project that when completed will have limted use at best.
I would have still preferred to have the money go to devleoping a skateboard park and other youth programs. At least they would have some benefit to the people of the city.
But that idea was killed just before it was going to  start, like so  many projects in Holtville do.
The Alamo River Nature Trail will probably take as long anything else in the Carrot Capital.
About all I can  see is a lot of old folks strolling along the river swatting flies and mosquitoes while avoiding the snakes. It’ still not a good idea.
Meanwhile, the youth of the community can go to Brawley, or Calexico, or El Centro or Imperial.
Whatever happened to the to the city’s Public Safety Building? It was estimated that it would start construction in April. We have to ask if it will start construction anytime this year.
How long is the foot dragging going to be allowed to continue? Anybody out there got an answer?



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