Calexico to have a New Medical Facility

By Mario Conde

The announcement came this past Tuesday that the City of Calexico will have a new medical facility to be located at Town Center Plaza.

In a partnership between Medical Management Group- a San Francisco based company- and Pioneers Memorial Hospital have come out with a hospital project for Calexico that will be located at the new Towncenter Industrial Plaza located at the north end of the Cole Rd. in Calexico. The hospital will be a Subacute care center which is a comprehensive inpatient care designed for someone who has an acute illness, injury, or exacerbation of a disease process.

It is goal oriented treatment rendered immediately after, or instead of, acute hospitalization to treat one or more specific active complex medical conditions or to administer one or more technically complex treatments, in the context of a person’s underlying long-term conditions and overall situation.

As reported by the Calexico Chronicle last summer, the Towncenter Industrial Plaza is located in a 132 acre property located at the west side of the city limit boundary and north of Cole Blvd. Towncenter Plaza will be the largest industrial park in Calexico when built and  it’s expected to bring more than 1,000 jobs to the City.

The development will be the second largest industrial park in the Imperial Valley and will start construction in the coming weeks. Towncenter will have manufacturing, medical, and green technology companies.

Richard Neault, Chief Executive Officer of MMG, said that the plans for this medical facility have already been submitted and asked the council to fast-track this project so they can start construction at the enterprise zone.  Neault said that people will have access to this medical building since the new health care plan approved by Congress early this year will cover low income people covering 93% of the cost.  He also said that this medical facility will create hundreds of jobs for Calexico including 600 jobs for construction.

Neault said that this project could not be possible five years ago without the new health care reform passed this year. Calexico City staff will meet with Medical Management Group to discuss this project.