Pastor, School Teacher Struck With Rare Disease. Family in Urgent Need

David, Diana, and their granddaughter

The community of Holtville, along with the rest of the Imperial Valley, is coming together to support the family of Pastor David Strong during his illness.  David retired this year due to medical reasons from the Holtville Unified School District, where he was a teacher for 31 years.  He also coached the Cross Country/Track teams at Holtville High School for 12 years.  He and his wife Diana raised their son Michael and daughter Sarah in Holtville, where David has also been the Pastor of Calvary Chapel for 25 years.  This past year has been a devastating year to this family, and now the community is rallying to support a man who has given so much to Holtville, and especially to the young people of Holtville.

Athletes are Not Alone When it Come’s to Heat Stroke

Kids enjoy summer with a break from school, adults often take time off from work, and the weather encourages everyone to get outside and soak up the sun. But the same enjoyable weather can be dangerous if precautions aren’t taken.
Time outdoors can be delightful but it can also prove deadly. One of the more overlooked health risks each summer is heat stroke, particularly among athletes. University of North Carolina professor Frederick O. Mueller, in his Annual Survey of Football Injuries, cites 33 heat stroke-related deaths between 1995 and 2008. Most notable among those was the late Korey Stringer, an American football player who died from complications of heat stroke in 2001 during training camp with the Minnesota Vikings.
Stringer’s death helped shed light on heat stroke, though it might have also given the false impression that heat stroke can only be suffered by those physically exerting themselves in summer heat. But anyone can fall victim to heat stroke, highlighting the importance of understanding heat stroke before it is too late.
What Is Heat Stroke?
A form of hyperthermia, heat stroke occurs when body temperature is abnormally elevated and is accompanied by physical and neurological symptoms. Heat stroke is a genuine medical emergency, one that requires prompt treatment to avoid fatal consequences.
Why Does Body Temperature Rise?
Heat stroke can be confusing, especially for those who spend ample time outdoors when temperatures are hot. A person might be used to summer heat and all of a sudden suffer heat stroke. This leaves many questioning why body temperature rises during heat stroke. This is easily explained.
Normally, the human body generates heat through metabolism and is often capable of dispersing this heat either through radiation of heat through the skin or through evaporation of sweat. However, during periods of extreme heat or when a person is vigorously exerting themselves under the sun, the body might experience difficulty dispersing the heat it generates. This results in rising body temperature.
Another reason body temperature might rise is dehydration. When dehydrated, the body might not be able to sweat fast enough to disperse heat, again resulting in elevated body temperature.
Who Is Most Susceptible to Heat Stroke?
Thanks in large part to deaths of athletes that are heavily publicized, many people assume athletes are most susceptible to heat stroke. While athletes increase their risk of heat stroke whenever exercising in extreme heat, others are at risk for heat stroke as well.

Health Care Forum In EC Next Wednesday

The Health Care Reform Act and what you need to know NOW!

The El Centro Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau will hold a public forum on what small business needs to know now about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, commonly known as the Healthcare Reform Act. This important event will address the changes that will affect your business beginning in the second quarter of this year. The Chamber encourages small business owners and those who handle payroll to attend this forum on Wednesday, June 30 at 4:00 PM at Ryerson Hall at Desert Trails.
The forum will feature CPA John Kennerson, of Swain and Kennerson, an AccountancCorp., Insurance Agent David H. West of David H. West Insurance Services Inc. and Payroll Specialist Terrie A. Cartee of Terrie A. Cartee Bookkeeping & Payroll Services. This forum is free to any employee of an El Centro Chamber Member Company. Non-members are also encouraged to attend for $10.Please rsvp your attendance to the Chamber at 760-352-3681. If you have specific questions for the panel to answer, please e-mail then in advance to the chamber at

Gov. Schwarzenegger Announces $416 Million in Recovery Funds to Turn Around Low Performing Schools

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger issued the following statement today regarding the of more than $416 million in Recovery Act funding to turnaround California’s persistently under the School Improvement Grant (SIG):

“My administration from day one has aggressively pursued every available federal dollar to support our state’s most vulnerable students and to help protect our schools from the continuing nationwide fiscal crisis. The more than $416 million in Recovery Act funding my administration secured today is a critical step forward in fixing our state’s lowest-achieving schools to ensure they will better serve the needs of all students.”

Police Briefs

City of Holtville


June 21


It was reported that the caller’s aunt is acting a little odd; the woman was contacted, though it was unsure if she was on any type of medication, she was advised of her options, she complied to behave herself. The caller was advised to call back should she act up again