From the daily archives: Thursday, June 24, 2010

David, Diana, and their granddaughter

The community of Holtville, along with the rest of the Imperial Valley, is coming together to support the family of Pastor David Strong during his illness.  David retired this year due to medical reasons from the Holtville Unified School District, where he was a teacher for 31 years.  He also coached the Cross Country/Track teams at Holtville High School for 12 years.  He and his wife Diana raised their son Michael and daughter Sarah in Holtville, where David has also been the Pastor of Calvary Chapel for 25 years.  This past year has been a devastating year to this family, and now the community is rallying to support a man who has given so much to Holtville, and especially to the young people of Holtville.

According to Diana, David began experiencing aching bones and joints about three years ago, mostly after his runs with the track team.  About a year ago, his symptoms took on a rapid progression, and after much testing, he was diagnosed with Erdhiem-Chester Disease.  There are less than 200 diagnosed cases of ECD in the world, and it is extremely difficult to treat.  There is no cure for this disease which causes the white blood cells to multiply and attack the major organs of the body, as well as the bones.  David is suffering the debilitating effects of this dreadful disease and is currently at Carmel Mountain Rehabilitation Center in San Diego.  He is receiving chemotherapy for this disease which acts like a cancer and autoimmune disease.  Since the patients who are diagnosed with ECD rarely live long enough to do any testing of medications and treatments, all treatments, including chemotherapy, are considered experimental, and therefore not reimbursed by the insurance company.  There is also a question as to whether the insurance will continue to pay for the physical, occupational, and speech therapy after the end of this week.  If refused, Diana states that she will bring David back home, where she will need to hire an assistant to help with his medical care.  This, too, will not be covered by insurance.

Special accounts for the Strong family have been set up at all Sun Community Federal Credit Union locations.  There will also be a bake sale at the Turning Point Ministries Car Wash in Holtville on Saturday morning, of which all proceeds will go to the Strong family.  T-shirts designed by Bruce DeLoach are also available at the Holtville Chamber of Commerce for $20, and 100% of the proceeds will be given to the family of Pastor Strong to help with these mounting expenses.

According to Diana, “We are trying to stay strong.  We know that God does all things for a purpose, and we are just praying that His will be done.”  Doctors have been amazed at the strong faith of this family who is facing such sorrow and financial difficulty and Diana says she is glad that they have been able to show their faith and true love for the Lord during this difficult time.  She also stated that they hope they can get the awareness raised about ECD so that other patients might get a quicker diagnosis, and there might be time for some medical trials to develop an effective treatment for the disease.

A special fund has been set up for David Strong and his family at Sun Community Federal Credit Union. Please write checks out to “David Strong Medical Fund” and deliver or mail to any branch of the credit union.

Anyone interested in supporting the Strong family can make a donation at any Sun Community location.


Kids enjoy summer with a break from school, adults often take time off from work, and the weather encourages everyone to get outside and soak up the sun. But the same enjoyable weather can be dangerous if precautions aren’t taken.
Time outdoors can be delightful but it can also prove deadly. One of the more overlooked health risks each summer is heat stroke, particularly among athletes. University of North Carolina professor Frederick O. Mueller, in his Annual Survey of Football Injuries, cites 33 heat stroke-related deaths between 1995 and 2008. Most notable among those was the late Korey Stringer, an American football player who died from complications of heat stroke in 2001 during training camp with the Minnesota Vikings.
Stringer’s death helped shed light on heat stroke, though it might have also given the false impression that heat stroke can only be suffered by those physically exerting themselves in summer heat. But anyone can fall victim to heat stroke, highlighting the importance of understanding heat stroke before it is too late.
What Is Heat Stroke?
A form of hyperthermia, heat stroke occurs when body temperature is abnormally elevated and is accompanied by physical and neurological symptoms. Heat stroke is a genuine medical emergency, one that requires prompt treatment to avoid fatal consequences.
Why Does Body Temperature Rise?
Heat stroke can be confusing, especially for those who spend ample time outdoors when temperatures are hot. A person might be used to summer heat and all of a sudden suffer heat stroke. This leaves many questioning why body temperature rises during heat stroke. This is easily explained.
Normally, the human body generates heat through metabolism and is often capable of dispersing this heat either through radiation of heat through the skin or through evaporation of sweat. However, during periods of extreme heat or when a person is vigorously exerting themselves under the sun, the body might experience difficulty dispersing the heat it generates. This results in rising body temperature.
Another reason body temperature might rise is dehydration. When dehydrated, the body might not be able to sweat fast enough to disperse heat, again resulting in elevated body temperature.
Who Is Most Susceptible to Heat Stroke?
Thanks in large part to deaths of athletes that are heavily publicized, many people assume athletes are most susceptible to heat stroke. While athletes increase their risk of heat stroke whenever exercising in extreme heat, others are at risk for heat stroke as well.


The Health Care Reform Act and what you need to know NOW!

The El Centro Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau will hold a public forum on what small business needs to know now about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, commonly known as the Healthcare Reform Act. This important event will address the changes that will affect your business beginning in the second quarter of this year. The Chamber encourages small business owners and those who handle payroll to attend this forum on Wednesday, June 30 at 4:00 PM at Ryerson Hall at Desert Trails.
The forum will feature CPA John Kennerson, of Swain and Kennerson, an AccountancCorp., Insurance Agent David H. West of David H. West Insurance Services Inc. and Payroll Specialist Terrie A. Cartee of Terrie A. Cartee Bookkeeping & Payroll Services. This forum is free to any employee of an El Centro Chamber Member Company. Non-members are also encouraged to attend for $10.Please rsvp your attendance to the Chamber at 760-352-3681. If you have specific questions for the panel to answer, please e-mail then in advance to the chamber at


Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger issued the following statement today regarding the U.S. Department of Education’s approval of more than $416 million in Recovery Act funding to turnaround California’s persistently lowest-achieving schools under the School Improvement Grant (SIG):

“My administration from day one has aggressively pursued every available federal dollar to support our state’s most vulnerable students and to help protect our schools from the continuing nationwide fiscal crisis. The more than $416 million in Recovery Act funding my administration secured today is a critical step forward in fixing our state’s lowest-achieving schools to ensure they will better serve the needs of all students.”

As part of the Race to the Top initiative, Governor Schwarzenegger in January 2010 signed historic education reform to help change the culture of education in California by empowering parents, embracing accountability and transforming the state’s lowest-achieving schools. This bold action plan requires schools identified as persistently lowest-achieving to implement one of the four turnaround strategies. The more than $416 million in SIG funding approved today will be made available to support these schools in implementing the turnaround strategies to help ensure every student has equal access to quality education and success.

Governor Schwarzenegger created the California Recovery Task Force to track the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding coming into the state; work with President Barack Obama’s administration; help cities, counties, non-profits, and others access the available funding; ensure that the funding funneled through the state is spent efficiently and effectively; and maintain a Web site ( that is frequently and thoroughly updated for Californians to be able to track the stimulus dollars.


City of Holtville


June 21


It was reported that the caller’s aunt is acting a little odd; the woman was contacted, though it was unsure if she was on any type of medication, she was advised of her options, she complied to behave herself. The caller was advised to call back should she act up again


It was reported that the caller’s young friend is acting strange, the caller stated that her daughter suffers from severe depression and may have missed her medication the young woman was counseled and advised to stay on her meds.


It was reported that a group of male subjects were drinking beer on his property, the subjects were advised to put the booze away and be on their way, they refused  at first but eventually did leave the area, an officer advised the caller of his options.


June 22


It was reported that a subject is trying to get in thru the caller’s window situated at the back of the house, the male subject whom was refusing to go on his way finally fled the scene, a report was taken.


It was reported that the caller’s son is being very aggressive towards her new boyfriend, an officer arrived and was able to calm the child down, the parents were advised of their options.


It was reported that the caller’s  significant other is under the influence, the subject is irate and throwing things around, him and the caller are arguing in front of their  kids, they were both counseled.


June 23


It was reported that the caller’s brother and his friends are threatening and harassing him for an unknown reason, the caller stated that this has been going on for a long time, a report was taken, the caller was given advice on how to handle the situation.


It was reported that there is a heavy tall man on the caller’s door knocking and asking to be let in, the subject is under the influence of alcohol, the subject was gone on arrival, the caller was advised to call back should she return.


It was reported that a house down the street is playing very loud music; the caller stated that he had asked the host to turn it down but they refused, an officer was able to make contact and have them put the music down.


It was reported that an unknown subject has just broken the caller’s bedroom window, it is unknown if it was attempt for a burglary or just plain vandalism, a report was taken, no subjects were found in the area, the caller was advised of his options.

City of El Centro


June 18


It was reported that a subject was seen carrying a few bikes, the subject has never been seen in the in the neighborhood, the caller was advised to call back should he return, the subject was not found.


It was reported that the caller’s vehicle was vandalized, upon inspection the door’s lock and door handle were completely torn off broken, though nothing was missing from the inside, a report was taken.


June 19


It was reported that a subject has struck the caller’s vehicle and left quickly, the caller did not see the other vehicle, the damages on the vehicle were not too severe, though she/he was advised of her options, and a report was written.


It was reported that the caller can smell the strong odor of marijuana, the caller believes that it is emanating from the neighbors home, the neighbors were contacted but no one seemed to be home.


It was reported that a female whom the caller had a small skirmish with earlier, the female subject drove by her residence for the 3rd time, the caller is worried that the subject might try something, the caller was advised of her options.


June 20


It was reported that a subject whom was loitering and smoking in front of the store has just walked in and ran out with a tall can of alcohol, the subject was headed towards the park area, the caller was advised to call back should he return.


It was reported that a subject in a large pick up truck, hauling a U-Haul trailer was driving reckless and speeding, the subjects nearly ran the caller off the road, while coming into town, the subject was not found to be contacted.


June 21


It was reported that the caller would like for her son to be warned of trespassing, she no longer wants him home, the subject was advised to not return or he would be arrested for trespassing, the subject complied.


It was reported that a couple of family members were having a large argument, the argument was starting to disrupt the peace, when contacted one of the family members was unwanted in the area, he was advised of trespassing, the caller was advised to obtain a restraining order.


June 22


It was reported that the caller’s mother’s home has been broken into, contact was made with the caller and his mother, the point of entry was found to be thru the back door, the area was secure, both the caller and his mother were advised of their options.


It was reported from Donut Avenue, that while the caller was inside ordering a few donuts, his bicycle was stolen, the bike was not secured, a report was taken of the incident, and the caller was advised to invest in a bike chain.

City of Brawley


June 18


It was reported that the caller’s vehicle may have been broken into and that the subject may still be inside, an officer checked the vehicle and found that it was left unlocked, no subjects were found in the area, the caller was advised to lock up the vehicle.


It was reported that a married couple have been arguing though she has asked him to leave, he did refuse to, an officer did show up and counseled the couple, the male was asked to leave for the night, he complied.


It was reported that an unknown subject is starting problems at the location, the man who is wearing dark clothing is looking for trouble, and he was gone before an officer arrived. The caller was advised to call back should the subject return.


June 19


It was reported that a subject is at her home, he is being very abusive to her and refuses to leave when asked, an officer made contact with the subject and sent him on his way, he was asked to not return.


It was reported that an unknown homeless subject is wandering around the area loitering and looking around, the subject was contacted, he was sent on his way and asked to not return, the male subject complied.


June 20


It was reported that someone has vandalized the sidewalk in front of their home, the caller does suspect a young man whom was hanging around the area, the young man was not found, a report was taken.


It was reported that the caller has gotten into an argument with her daughter; an officer did arrive for a civil stand by while her daughter grabbed her belongings and left the residence with a warning to not return.


June 21


It was reported that a couple is having an intense argument which may or may not escalate to a physical one, as both refuse to leave; they were both removed and sent away from each other. The caller was advised to call back should they start to fight again.


It was reported that the caller’s vehicle was broken into sometime last night, various cd’s, a Zune and several other electronic gadgets were taken from the vehicle, a report was taken, and the way of entry was not known.


June 22


It was reported that the caller can hear noises out in his storage, the caller can also hear one of the neighbor dogs bark, the area was checked, no one was found in his garage, nor any signs of entrance or any stolen items.


It was reported that the caller came home to find his front door open, the caller did not go in, in fear of someone being inside, the home and property was checked, no one was found in the area the caller was advised to check for any missing items or documents.

City of Calexico


June 18


It was reported that two parties have called from the same area the first caller was complaining of their neighbor having the radio up high and yelling, the second neighbor complained that they were being harassed by the other, both were counseled and warned.


It was reported that a long time friend has “borrowed”  his vehicle, without permission, the worried caller decided to take action and send for a stolen report, the caller was advised of his options, a report was taken.


It was reported that an argument had broken out between the caller’s neighbor and her daughter, an officer did make contact with the neighbors, the situation was settled, and both were counseled and advised on how to deal with their situations.


June 19


It was reported that someone has vandalized the caller’s wall, though what it means isn’t known, the caller was advised on his options, the incident was documented, he was advised to call back should he see anything suspicious.


It was reported that several teenagers were drinking at a party, the caller is concerned due to their young age, when contacted, no teenagers were found drinking, and it turned out to be a regular adult birthday party.


June 20


It was reported that the caller’s sister was having an argument with her mother when suddenly he started throwing things around the residence, after a few minutes of going crazy he then threw something in his mother’s direction almost hitting her, the young man was counseled the caller was advised of her options


It was reported that an on-going problem with the neighbors is about to climax, the caller was advised to take his matters into a civil court, and both parties were counseled.


It was reported that a group of teenagers were in the middle of the street talking back to each other, the caller was afraid that it would start a fight; the group dispersed and went home, the caller was advised to call back should they come back.


June 21


It was reported that a subject keeps trespassing into the caller’s front yard, when questioned the man stated that he was looking for a soldier friend, the man was sent on his way, the caller was advised to call back should he return.


It was reported that a subject was caught trying to steal a few items from her yard, the subject fled the scene as soon as he noticed he was being watched,  the caller was advised of his/her options


June 22


It was reported that two females are in the middle of a street fight, the two subjects were contacted, they are or were best friends, they were separated though both subjects were uncooperative, and they were sent home.


It was reported that a male subject has allegedly grabbed the caller’s arm and taken her outside only to have a shouting match on their front lawn, the caller stated that they do live together, an officer did come on seen and handled the situation, both parties were advised.

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