The City of Calexico and Brawley to Keep their Own Enterprise Zone

By Mario Conde

The City of Calexico and Brawley made their decision Tuesday to keep their respective enterprise zones as it is.

The proposal to merge the Imperial Valley Enterprise Zone and the Calexico-County Enterprise Zone to create one zone for the Imperial Valley that will cover unincorporated areas of the Valley.

The proposal to merge the two zones came directly from the State Chairman of the County Enterprise Zones, James Nunn that came to the Valley and suggested to the County Board of Supervisor to explore this possibility and submit an application to the State Housing and Community Development to have the state give the designation to the Imperial Valley.

Calexico-County Enterprise zone manager Daniel Fitzgerald gave a power point presentation to the City Council giving them the pros and cons of the merger. After the presentation, the Council opted to keep the zone as it is after learning that Brawley had already voted down the measure.

In other news, the City Council decided to take away the parking meters at downtown Calexico indefinitely to provide more incentives for shoppers to come the historic downtown now that is 95% back in its capacity after being closed for two weeks after the 7.2 earthquake.

Calexico police Chief James Neujahr said that after the emergency most of the parking control officers were assign to fixed post controlling traffic in hazardous area downtown. Police will enforce the two hour parking limit for every car.