County vs Arizona Who Wins?

By Mario Conde

The County Board of Supervisors decided to hold an action for now on the controversial SB 1070 that was signed into law in Arizona last month.

Since the signing of the law there’s been a lot of opposition to the law saying that this law will lead to racial profiling and will violate basic human rights as President Barack Obama stated after the approval of this bill. The City of Calexico passed a resolution denouncing this bill as well as other cities in California such as West Hollywood, Oakland, City of Las Cruces, and Fulton County, Georgia. The City of West Hollywood and Oakland supported a commercial boycott against Arizona.

Supervisor Jack Terrazas said that he got an e-mail from the Arizona Latino Caucus asking the board to wait on their resolutions since the Latino Caucus will draft a resolution at an emergency national convention that pressures Congress to pass an immigration reform. The Latino Caucus will look for the support of cities and counties to support their resolution to have unified voice, according to Supervisor Terrazas. He said that the organization might have their resolution ready by June 18.

El Centro Resident, Tony Lopez and Calexico resident Oscar Gonzalez asked the board to pass this resolution

Supervisor Gary Wyatt said that this issue creates a lot of emotion and said that there is a drug war on the border and Arizona need to protect its borders. Wyatt said the he favored Supervisor Terrazas’ proposal and wait until the Latino Caucus has their resolution ready.

Supervisor Mike Kelley said that he opposes any law or action that harms or offends any ethnic group but said that the law has not gone into effect and they don’t know what will be the outcome. Kelley suggested waiting and seeing what direction the Latino leaders in Arizona will make.

Supervisor Wally Leimgruber made a big statement and said that he will not support any of the resolutions since it called for a boycott of Arizona and said that he will not support these kinds of action against the State.

“I as a board member am not in favor of boycotting a state that is trying to deal with humanity issues and this senate bill is dealing with the drug cartels coming through their borders and I just feel it’s inappropriate for a County to boycott and impact their economic development.”

Leimgruber said that he is supporting an immigration reform and said he would like to see a visa program adopted by the United States Congress. Board Chairman Louis Fuentes said that this is an injustice being done in Arizona but said that he didn’t like any of the proposed resolutions on the table and said that the county should work on its own version and also wait and see what direction the Arizona Latino Caucus takes. An update on this will be given at next week’s meeting.