Consumers Benefit from California Appliance Rebate Program Expansion

More Time, More Choices, Lots of Cash

What: In a move to increase consumer choice and flexibility, the California
Energy Commission is proposing to expand its appliance rebate program.
The rebate program will now extend from May 23 until all funds are
exhausted. Consumers will also have additional time to mail in their
application from 30 days to 120 days and have more choices on eligible
energy efficient appliance models.

The Energy Commission has received more than 29,000 applications with
approximately $25 million still available for rebates. Currently more
than $5.8 million in rebates has been received to process. Rebates are
awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis until program funds are
exhausted. A tracker is updated daily on the remaining amount of funds
available at:

When: The California Energy Commission will consider the proposed
changes on a May 19 and May 27 Business Meeting. The revised Guidelines
and meeting notices can be found here:

Why: The proposed changes will give consumers additional choices and
more time to Buy, Recycle, and Save with a new energy efficient
appliance. Eligible energy efficient appliances and rebate amounts
available are: refrigerators $200, clothes washers $100, and room air
conditioners up to $50. A complete list of eligible appliances can be
found at:

Who: The Energy Commission has partnered with over 80 Platinum Retail
Partners and more than 40 Official Partners to assist consumers with
appliance purchases, recycling their old appliances and completing their
application package. A list of partners is available at:

How: Consumers are eligible for a rebate when they purchase a qualified
highly energy efficient appliance, properly recycle their old appliance,
and submit a complete application package within 120 days of the
appliance purchase. Instructions on how to complete an application for
the California Cash for Appliances rebate is available at:

For information on how to properly recycle an old appliance, visit:

Additional information is also available through retailer locations
across the state.