Calexico Schools to Reopen May 10th

By Mario Conde

Tony Gonzales and Carmen Estrada receive donations from John Renison and Bill Hodge

Contractors are working hard to repair the damage caused by earthquake in order to reach the target day for school opening on May 10th, 2010.

The Calexico Unified School District announced last Wednesday that three major contractors have been employed and began repairs on Wednesday evening, April 28, 2010. They are currently alternating between two ten-hour shifts, diligently working to meet the May 10 school opening.

The repairs on Main Elementary the removal of overhangs on each building have begun. On Dool Elementary, contractors are making electrical and ceiling repairs. William Moreno Junior High had its gas leaks repaired Monday and De Anza began to remove modulars.

Every six months all sites undergo an inspection for asbestos to comply with State and EPA laws. These Inspections are conducted by an outside source.  After each inspection, a report is compiled. If any abnormalities are found, a report is sent to the EPA. The District must comply with all EPA regulations.

As of Friday, the following sites have been detected with traces of asbestos due to the earthquake: Jefferson Elementary, Calexico High School and De Anza Jr. High School. Asbestos was found on the stucco ceiling and soffits. The abatement process began on Monday, April 26, 2010; however, it was temporarily suspended by the contractors due to high winds and concerns about the safety of their employees.

All other sites have been sampled and tested negative for asbestos. Those sites have been deemed safe in regards to asbestos. Testing and monitoring will continue as will the reporting of any asbestos issues. The District said they will continue to ensure that the safety of the students and staff remains their top priority.

The district had its Parents Drop in Center at San Juan Diego Parish Hall in Calexico were 6, 413 students received educational packets.

Ernie Goudreault

I’m trying to contact Bill Hodge of Calexico,an old high school-college friend. Could someone either pass this information along to Bill for me or give me his email address or phone number. Thanks, Ernie