Calexico Casino Awaits Governors Approval

By Mario Conde

The City Council of Calexico approved a resolution approving the final parcel map of Calexico 10 Theater Parcel Map.

The Redevelopment Agency of Calexico took over the Calexico 10 Theater property in 2006 to avoid the closing of the theaters. Shortly thereafter, the Council gave direction to RDA to separate the property into parcels.

The Planning Commission approved last year the subdivision of the Movie Theater area into three parcels. The commission adopted a resolution finding that the land transfer of parcel #1 between RDA and Pacific Media Properties was in conformity with the General Plan. Pacific Media Properties plans to create a medical building in that parcel that will provide laboratory, imaging, and other medical services.

Prior to the recordation of the final map parcel, a reciprocal access/parking agreement for parcel #1, parcel #2 and parcel #3 shall be provided to the city for approval and recordation. Said agreement shall provide for a minimum of three hundred eighty-five improvement off-street parking spaces for the sole use of the current theater operation.

The Calexico 10 Movie Theater parking lot is underutilized according to a survey done by the City. The survey revealed that at the busiest time (8:00PM), the most parking spaces used were 57 spaces which represents 15% of the parking facility. This is attributed to the fact that Theater attendance had declined due to the opening of Cinemark at Imperial Valley Mall. Parcel #1 currently contains 140 parking spaces which are part of the 396 spaces throughout the facility.

The new proposed building would displace approximately 68 parking spaces. This leaves approximately 72 parking spaces available for Parcel #1 use. The proposed two-story building is approximately 25,000 sf therefore requiring approximately 100 spaces. Parcel 1 development could be short approximately 28 parking spaces.

City finds that there will be no conflict peak demand times due to the fact that the operation of theater and medical office will be different

In other items, the council passed a resolution requesting Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to approve the Manzanita Casino in the City of Calexico. The Tribe has submitted an application to the bureau of Indian Affairs to take the tribe’s land in the City of Calexico into trust for gaming purposes. The City and the Manzanita tribe are awaiting the decision by Governor Schwarzenegger on the approval of the Manzanita Tribe’s BIA trust application.

Calexico says that due to the earthquake that caused damages in the economy of Calexico and increasing an already high unemployment, the council is submitting the resolution to the Governor in support of the Casino in order to assist in improving the existing and future economic growth.

I think that calexico need this types of projects because the casino will bring alot jobs on construction and also they will employee alot of people and also this project will help the economy for the calexico residents and for the city and I think that we need this kind… Read more »