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Mariachi Time and the Political Scene are Blending Well Together

IT’S MARIACHI WEEK IN CALEXICO and we got into the spirit at the Chamber of Commerce’s Mariachi Mixer.
It was a great festive occasion because the pressure was off in the Border City.
Most of the earthquake damage had been cleaned up and the school district was functioning on all cylinders.
I ran into Carmen Durazo and Bill Hodge, who were all smiles because they got back to work at CHS.  Carmen is running for County Supervisor from District 5 and Hodge is trying for the City Council.
Carmen has a tough road ahead with stiff competition from John Renison, Louis Fuentes and Luis Castro. They are all experienced campaigner, But she has some too. She served on the Calexico City Council for four years.
Hodge is running against five others including incumbent Willie Hermosillo, who was appointed to fill the remaining term of Louis Fuentes who moved to the County Supervisor’s position.
It was a different conversation because the candidates talked of making it to the November election more than winning the primary with the required 51 percent for victory.
When the field is crowded, as it always is in Calexico, name recognition is more important than the issues. We will find out in June whose achieved the most recognition. You’ll get our picks before the election.
THERE WERE PLENTY OF CANDIDATES AT THE Mariachi Mixer and like everyone else, they were enjoying the lighthearted evening. Hildy Carrillo always knows how to throw a first class party.
WE HAD AN INTERESTING conversation with Hildy about Mariachi Mixteco, the youthful Mariachi group that performs regularly at Chamber functions.
Performers can start as early as 12 years old and continued into the their 20s. They learn the music and how to put on a show on stage form the other members of the group. Tuesday evening, there was one new member to the group playing along with the seasoned vets. She was young and a little nervous, but she was catching on fast with the help of another performer.
It’s nice to see young folks get the chance to improve their musical skills and do it in a professional setting.
They will get plenty more experience over the next several years if they stay with it.
Hildy told me members of the group usually leave in their early twenties. They get through college or start careers or find spouses.
Mariachi music makes a good transition to the start of an adult life. That’s a good reason to celebrate this year.
WE HOPE THE WIND WILL DIE DOWN  after blowing for want seemed like a month during April.   It carried over into May, but looks like there are plenty of signs it will let up.
Now it will be the politicians turns to huff about what they are going to do for us. That ought to stir up a whole lot more wind.
Enjoy the Mariachi concert this weekend and celebrate a return to normal.

County Supervisors Approved Reallocation of CDBG Grants for Earthquake Vitums

By Mario Conde

The County Board of Supervisors approved Tuesday the reallocation of CDBG grants for people that were affected by the earthquake last month.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger declared the Imperial County as a disaster zone due to the 7.2 magnitude earthquake the hit our region in April. The County Board of supervisors heard from people that lived in trailer parks their grief and problems facing after the earthquake. Residents of those areas returned to the County Board of Supervisors to support the reallocation of monies and approval of the resolution that could help them get back on track after they had been spending a most of their income in paying utility bills.

Charities could lose non-profit status, Congressman Filner warns

May 17th deadline looms for non-profits to file returns

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Congressman Bob Filner wants to make sure charities in San Diego and Imperial counties know they could be threatened by a rule that requires the organizations to file a yearly return with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to keep their the non-profit status. Organizations that go three years without filing an annual return will automatically lose its tax-exempt status.