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State of the Downtown Calexico area after the 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake

By Mario Conde

Downtown Calexico is back on business with 90% of its stores opened but there are buildings that still need to be repaired on some face condemnation.

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Imperial County is Working With the United States Bureau of Reclamation on Local Water Delivery Systems

IMPERIAL COUNTY – Imperial County and Imperial Irrigation District (IID) staff have been working closely with the Bureau of Reclamation in continuous damage assessment and repairs in the aftermath of the April 4th, 7.2 earthquake and its numerous aftershocks.  Last month’s earthquake affected much of Imperial County’s local infrastructure which includes local water delivery systems.  Staff with the federal Bureau of Reclamation, a water management agency, arrived in Imperial County immediately after the earthquake and continues to provide technical assistance to assure that Imperial County and IID staff have the information necessary to make informed decisions related to local water delivery systems in Imperial County.

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