Turning Point’s Director Mike Johnson Battles Cancer

By Jim & Betty Predmore
Turning Point’s Men’s Home founder and director Mike Johnson has been diagnosed with stomach cancer and will begin chemotherapy this week in hopes of reducing the size of the tumor.
Once the tumor shrinks, doctors are hopeful of being able to remove it surgically.
People throughout the valley have been lifting up Mike in prayer with the hopes that the cancer will be contained within the tumor and not spread throughout his stomach and other organs.
Johnson is dedicated to the ministry of Turning Point and also to the church he pastors, Turning Point Lifecenter.
Mike was one of the founders of Turning Point Ministries which began with a fundraiser barbeque in the park in Holtville.
Mike devoted himself to the creation of this ministry after overcoming his own addiction to drugs.
Through his efforts, along with those who have dedicated themselves to this cause, he has been able to help transform the lives of many who face life-controlling addictions.
Mike has overcome many obstacles over the past 16 years and it is the hope of all who love and support him that he will be able to overcome this one as well.
Imperial Valley men’s homes struggle not only in tough economic times.

Rod E. Morris

God bless you Pastor Mike. We’re praying for you.


We will all continue to pray our God is an awesome God