Southern California Earthquake Situation Update Tuesday April 6, 2010

Information for those who want to know about loved ones:

The Safe and Well website is currently available in English and Spanish, this site can be accessed via or (in Spanish at  Anyone who was in the area at the time of the disaster in encouraged to register.     Using this tool, loved ones can then search for the names of people who were in the disaster-affected area.  If the person registered, search results will show the date and time of their entry, and general information about their status.  For example search results may say, “I am safe and well and currently in a shelter.”  The registrants’ specific location is never released; the information shown is just enough to provide loved ones with peace of mind.

Conserve water notice for Calexico

A Reverse 911 Notice was sent to Calexico Residents this afternoon to encourage Calexico resident to conserve water.  Residents are being aske

d to not wash their cars, use their sprinklers, fill their pools or otherwise use water unnecessarily.  The message was sent at 4:35pm to 12,830 phone lines in Calexico.

County Buildings:

The following offices will be open to the public and County employees will be expected to work tomorrow, Tuesday, April 6, 2010.

Planning, Public Health, Behavioral Health (Broadway/8th), Purchasing, District Attorney, Human Resources, Information and Technical Services, Air Pollution Control District, Agriculture Department, Probation, Sherriff’s Office, Airport-Terminal/Administration Offices/Reach Building

County offices open to the Public in the next several days:

Assessor, Auditor, Tax Collector, Public Defender, Social Services, Child Support, Clerk Recorder, GSA, Office of Employment Training (Brawley Office) and Public Works.

A shelter has been established at Kennedy Middle School in El Centro,

Shelter at Kennedy Middle School Gymnasium

900 S. 6th Street, El Centro

This shelter is for residents whose housing situation is unsafe or if they do not feel comfortable staying in their own home. 

Road Closures:

Westbound I-8 is now fully open .

The following roads have been closed due to shifting and separations in the roadway:

Drew Rd at Evan Hewes to Sunbeam Lake

Lyon Rd from Austin to Brockman

Brockman Rd from McCabe to Schaniel

Austin Rd from McCabe to Ross Rd

Worthington Rd from Forrester to Huff

Boley Rd. (Huff to Hetzel)

Jeffery Rd. (Hardy to Evan Hewes)

Hetzel Rd. (Westmoreland to Huff)

The public is being asked to do the following:

  • Expect aftershocks.
  • Stay at home or at another safe place unless it is absolutely necessary to be on the road.
  • Be careful with cleanup to avoid injury due to fallen debris and glass

Indications for Gas Shutoff after an earthquake:

Do not turn off the gas meter after an earthquake unless there is a gas smell or the sound of gas escaping.  Once the gas has been turned off, it may take The Gas Company several days  to restore service, depending on the magnitude of emergency.  If there is an apparent gas leak, remain calm.  Do not light a match, candle or cigarette, and do not turn electrical devices-not even a light switch-on or off.  From a safe location call The Gas Company at 800-427-2200 or 800-342-4545 in Spanish 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

john montgomery

i have family over there and haven’t heard from them in a while. i call and text all the time but they don’t get them. i’m worried…

john montgomery

i have family over therer and haven’t heard from them in a while. i call and text all the time but they don get them. i’m worried…