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Welcome to Holtville? Holtville Looks For New Businesses! Sweet Onions!

HOLTVILLE IS SHOWING SIGNS OF  activity these days when it comes to using federal funds to fix up old streets around town.
Even the hardest of the hardnose cynics would have to admit that the streets are looking better, as are the new curbs and median strips.
It is all a positive step going into spring that makes me want to smile a little. It’s amazing what some white curbs and new blacktop can do for you.
There’s even some new Welcome to Holtville signs under construction on the West and North sides of town.
One place that is sadly lacking is the East side, where motorists are greeted by a friendly ghost painted on an electrical box at the corner of Fifth Street and Figueroa Avenue.
Welcome to Holtville? I keep waiting for the city’s graffiti truck to pull up and paint it out, but apparently it has escaped the watchful eye of those charged with this task.
The city decided to take over this function itself and move it from the Turning Point, which has done it for the last several years. The city looked clean back then, with little or no graffiti in sight.
We hope we’re not going back to multi-tagged buildings and public eyesores. Like a lot of things, if ain’t broke don’t fix it.
Turning Point did the job well, but in the end got the boot. Now the graffiti sits around for a couple of months until someone notices. I wonder when someone is going to notice Caspar The Friendly Ghost.
If the city is going to spend several hundred thousand dollars on street repairs, perhaps it could spend a couple of hundred dollars on some paint and equipment and turn the removal  back to the Turning Point. At least it will look a lot cleaner around here.
That way “Caspar won’t continue to smile at tourists.
HOLTVILLE IS OUT LOOKING FOR SOME NEW BUSINESS AND TO HELP SOME OLD BUSINESSES. It even had two half page ads in this newspaper to point out what you could get from the city for your money.
You’d get a lot. Or a little, if that’s all you needed. And it wouldn’t cost that much. Call them up and find out the details. It could improve the outside and the inside of your business as well as help out your wallet.
Holtville is also a good place to start a new business, because of the low interest city loans that are available and the number of buildings and businesses that are for sale.
I’ve successfully used city loans to help our business on more than one occasion and it has paid off very well. We got the money we needed. The city got to keep a business here. A win-win situation.
There is a word of caution, though. Read your contract. The city has proved to be incredibly hardnosed when it comes to getting compliance with its contracts. So know what you are getting into before you find yourself in a bigger jam later on.
THE SWEET ONION FESTIVAL IS RETURNING TO BRAWLEY once again. this was one of the first events I covered during my first year in Imperial Valley nearly 20 years ago.
Only it took place at the Mid-Winter Fairgrounds and had such standards as an onion eating contest, onion golf and even some square dancing.
It was definitely a country event with an onion flavor. It even had onion ice cream for the folks with strong stomachs. After all, they are sweet onions, so I suppose you could make anything you want out of them.
There were prizes for the most onions grown and shipped and the biggest onion too.
You could buy bags of your favorite sweets, something my wife thought was outstanding because of their great taste.
Well, the onions are still around and now the contest is centered in Brawley. The emphasis is on a Hawaiian theme these days in deference to Maui onions, even though more Imperial Valley Sweets are grown these days.
But it’s an excuse for a party. Come out try some fresh made onion rings and listen to some of the music. You can even enjoy the hawaiian dancers who will be there. It’s a chance of you to pay tribute to a long standing major cash crop in the Valley. The event is scheduled for May 8th. So mark your calendars and be there.