In Other Words

Earthquake Damage Could

Lead to Major Rebuilding

AS THE SCRUTINY OF EARTHQUAKE continues one might think there is going to be a lot of remodeling and some new structures going up around the Valley.
We hope so. When the world hands you lemons, turn them into lemonade. This is an ideal opportunity to tear down some of the old and bring in some of the new in just about every city in the Valley.
You could also put a lot of people to work locally and generate more payroll, more payroll taxes and more money to fix up even more buildings.
It’s time for private enterprise to do its part and pick up the ball to create an economic upturn from this disaster.
Think of it. A rebuilt downtown in Calexico and El Centro would provide something to compete with the Big Box stores and the I.V. Mall.
It would create a better environment for all of us too and encourage people to get out and shop.
ONE PLACE THAT NEEDS A LOT MORE SCRUTINY is the Holtville Middle School. This is a structure could use a lot of revamping. Like other schools in the area, it has been used and overused and needs to have a lot of upgrades. One of the biggest would be a gymnasium that would allow students to get in out of the heat and give the city another recreational facility.
It will have 12 classrooms closed for two weeks due to electrical damage caused by the earthquake.
It’s an ideal time to have the School Board look into remodeling or replacing the whole structure. That way all of the HUSD schools will have been upgraded , allowing for better learning conditions and a modern education.
Just look at the Frank Wright Middle School in Imperial as a shining example of what a modern junior high school campus can look like and picture what it would do for the people of Holtville and Imperial Valley.
Why, you might even talk to the the city about reinstating the recreation programs it started and then stopped just when they were going strong.
We can just hear the refrains now. “We don’t have any money.”
Well, find some all you people who are crying about the government taking too much. Here’s your chance to breathe life into something that will benefit everyone for another century. Maybe they could name the school after one of the present school board members.
POLITICIANS FROM ALL LEVELS have been coming to Calexico to “inspect the damage firsthand.”
Maybe that should read “To get in on a photo opportunity for the public.”
Barbara Boxer showed up, even though its been about a decade since she put in an appearance around here. She was very sincere and made a “we shall overcome” speech that belonged in a church. I think people in Calexico and Imperial Valley would more interested in hearing about what the government they have been paying into for years is going to do for them.
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger even made the local scene, playing some oneupmanship with Boxer. Instead of coming in at the same time as Boxer, a Democrat, and showing some unity, Arnold showed up early for his tour of the city, leaving local politicians scrambling to catch up with him for their own photo op.
Louis Fuentes always knows how to get out in front of a crowd. Especially when Arnold is around.
Gov. Schwarzenegger didn’t stay very long and never met with Boxer. Could it be that maybe he will run for the Senate after his stint as governor is over? Perhaps. Only time will  tell.
He can’t run for president because he was born outside the U.S. But the California Governor usually gets consideration for higher office when his term is completed.  Arnold isn’t talking yet. It will make for more interesting election fodder.
Filner had already put in an appearance in Calexico before the others arrived. He had been there earlier in the week to meet with city officials  and offer some assurance.
Last but not least was Denise Ducheny who came in Friday to look over the damage all by herself and offer her own words of encouragement.
Did I forget to mention Manuel Perez? He came with Boxer and was quickly overshadowed by the Senator. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing