In Other Words

Enough is Enough! The
Curmudgeon Speaks!

so, where were you during the great ‘quake of 2010? Will that be the question for the next millennium? We doubt it. Although, it is intriguing to note that people actually talk about the Great Quake of 1906 that flattened in  San Francisco. It wasn’t flattened for very long and it came right back stronger than ever. Without a government bailout.
So, what’s a city to do these days. Seek  more federal funds? Sorry, they’ve all been spent on automotive and banking bailouts. Well, I suppose we can all hit up the insurance companies that have been reaping big profits from the lack of earthquakes in these parts for the las 30 years.
But, then, they will probably want a bailout from the federal government to bailout the cities who started it all in the first place. Or so it would seem.
Now, if anybody out there had been listening to Rush Limbaugh and any of the other conservative know-it-alls, not only would they be broke and bankrupt they would now have the socks knocked right off of them by Mother Nature.
Because when the bottom line is drawn, God and Mom make a mighty tough pair to draw to.
So, let’s quit all the shenanigans and get back to work. the notion of keeping all those stores closed for longer than a week makes my poor, little advertising manager’s heart sink.
And those malingerers on the staff won’t even have to come up with a decent excuse as to why they aren’t producing anything.
So, let’s get back to some common sense in government circles and let people take their own risks with their won property. What a unique idea! But common sense and government don’t go together very well. so we’re sure there will be talk of big bailouts and grants and more money from some unlimited source that will spring forward to save the day.
According to our reporter Chris Furguson 89 percent of the buildings in downtown Calexico have been red flagged. Gosheroo!
They’ve probably been that way for the last 70 years or so. And the fact that none of them fell down means they were constructed better than anyone gave the contractors of the day any credit for. It’s time to get back to work, not Haiti. We pride ourselves on bouncing back and not taking anything we didn’t earn.
Therefore, Uncle Sam, put your checkbook away, ease your rules and regulations and watch what we can do in Imperial Valley.
NOW IF YOU AREN’T GOING TO DO THAT, Uncle Sam,  then I hope the folks in those downtowns rebuild everything at government expense and make over areas that are long overdue for it.
Just bring in the bulldozers and push over those 100 year old brick and masonry structures that wouldn’t fall over if an atom bomb fell on them.
Then the Gov. can build us all “safe” buildings to his own specifications. In others, half as good as those it would tear down.
For the buildings in these parts were built to last and last they have. There are some that haven’t held up well and they should be hunted down and demolished before someone gets hurt. but lets not throw out the other buildings that have withstood the test of time, man and nature. They’ll still be there long after we’re gone. And then everybody can get back to work.
We’ll be glad to see them do that because it has been mighty quiet in here waiting for the phones to ring.
HATS OFF TO OUR SAVVY NEWS STAFF that was johnny-on-the-spot with coverage of all portions of the big quake. We had it online early Monday morning with updates and photos as they came about.
As a result, our website had the most hits it ever had in as short a time ever.
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This has been an incredible first quarter of the new decade. We’ve had more events and more big stories than we have had in any other time since I have been here.
We may have to take a break after all this. That is, if Mother Nature, the local politicians and the local social scene will let us.