Due to recent aftershocks and a roof cave-in on Third Street, we are reassessing structures and reevaluating them as a security measure. As such, the plan to open downtown to pedestrian traffic is being delayed until further notice. In the interest of public safety we have extended the area of closure to now include Third Street from Paulin Avenue to Heber Avenue.
All businesses, public streets and sidewalks bounded by First St. to Third St. between Paulin Ave. and Heber Ave. are closed. Pedestrian and vehicular traffic are not allowed in this area until further notice.
The Downtown Calexico Port of Entry is now open and has resumed normal operation.
If a business or residence in Calexico has suffered damage due to the earthquake, they may be entitled to assistance. A Damage Assessment form must be completed and submitted to the City of Calexico in order to be considered for assistance. Please download the form by clicking here or request a form from any City office. If you have any questions regarding this form, you may call (760) 768-2178. Once completed, forms should be delivered to City Hall located at 608 Heber Avenue by the end of Monday, April 12, 2010. If you wish to submit your form outside of regular business hours you may drop off your completed form at the water payment dropbox outside of City Hall. Staff will collect them on the next regular business day.

we need to clarify the time by which these forms must be submitted to City Hall.

Can you please resend the information with the updated/correct deadline of 4p.m. today.

This is the deadline that our reverse 911 recording has been giving to residents.  We would like make sure everyone is relaying the same information and deadline.
Those who have become unemployed due to the earthquake should contact the Employment Development Department to file a claim. The Governor has waived the one week waiting period for those who declare they are unemployed due to the disaster. To file a claim in English, please call 1- 800-300-5616. To file a claim in Spanish, please call 1-800-326-8937. You may also file your claim on their website, . Be sure to declare your unemployment is due to a disaster in order to have the one week waiting period waived.
Water service is available throughout Calexico, but residents are asked to limit their use of water for basic essentials only. Residents should be aware that the Calexico Water Plant has sustained damage to the water clarifier, which had the capacity to treat 10 million gallons per day. The City has placed the back-up clarifier into operation in order to continue to provide water to the residents of Calexico. Since the back-up clarifier has a capacity to treat only 5 million gallons per day, the city is asking its residents to please conserve water. Do not use water for non-essentials such as watering the lawn, filling your pool, or washing your vehicles. The treatment of 5 million gallons per day is enough to provide all residents with water for essential use until such time as a 10 million gallon per day clarifier can be put into operation. Please assist us in maintaining adequate water service for all of Calexico by limiting your use of water to essential drinking, bathing, and laundry only.
For additional information on the status of schools, utilities, roads, facility openings, closings and relocations and shelters, please contact the Imperial County Emergency Operation Center at (760) 482-4968