Congressman Filner announces support for plan to save local jobs

Today, Congressman Bob Filner announced his support of the Local Jobs for America Act, a bill that would create or save thousands of jobs in San Diego and Imperial counties and a million jobs nationwide.  The bill would invest $100 billion over two years in communities facing the highest unemployment rates, providing crucial funds to local city, county, and state governments to save the jobs of teachers, police officers, and other first responders facing elimination.

“It will put people back to work and money back in their pockets,” said Congressman Filner.  “State and local governments have already had to make some difficult decisions, and those cuts have already had an impact on the economy and people’s lives.  This bill will help keep people in their jobs, increase demand for local businesses, prevent state and local tax increases, and help our economy thrive.”

The Local Jobs for America Act would help keep services in local communities by providing funds to local governments to restore eliminated positions and threatened services.  For example, $23 billion would help states support 250,000 education jobs, and nearly $2 billion would put thousands of law enforcement officers and firefighters back on the beat protecting our communities.  The bill would also provide $500 million through the Workforce Investment Act for approximately 50,000 additional on-the-job training positions to help small businesses – the engine of local job creation – grow and hire.

The funding will be allocated by the Department of Labor to communities most in need according to population, unemployment, and poverty rates.  In the 51st District, 3,263 jobs will be created in the City of San Diego, 467 jobs will be created in Chula Vista, 163 jobs will be created in National City, 1,483 jobs will be created in San Diego County and 209 jobs will be created in El Centro.  It is also expected to save 38,900 education jobs statewide.

“Putting people back to work and strengthening the economy in San Diego and Imperial counties are my top priorities, and this bill will do just that,” said Congressman Filner.

The Local Jobs for America Act, H.R. 4812, has already received strong support in Congress and from many national organizations.  The bill currently has over 100 supporters in the House, and has been endorsed by the United States Conference of Mayors, the National League of Cities, and the National Association of Counties, among other organizations.