Candidate for SDSU Dean

By Mario Conde

The last candidate for SDSU Dean came to Calexico as David Pearson spoke to students and staff about his vision for the Imperial Valley Campus.

David Pearson holds a Ph.D. in sociology, has been a radio host for the local PBS Radio in Texas. The candidate for dean took a different approach from the other candidates as he gave a power point presentation about his work and accomplishments as Vice-president for partnership affairs, University of Brownsville.

As Vice-president of partnership affairs, Pearson created a partnership between the University of Brownsville and the community college and worked together to pass a bond to create new state-of-the-art modern educational buildings. UT Brownsville and the community college were able to unite the community in passing the bond and were able to create new facilities and expand the campus. Pearson was said that their business plan to create a college society between UT Brownsville and Texas South College has been good for the community.

Currently UT Brownsville embraces its Mexican American culture and has taken advantage of it because since they offer classes in English and Spanish that help their curriculum, Pearson said.

Pearson said that he is interested in SDSU because it’s a border community and could not work in other places that are not near the Mexican border.

The Candidate for SDSU Dean said in the questions and answers portion that the Imperial Valley campus should become a four year institution in the future and collaborate more with Imperial Valley College. He proposed to have a REC Center at SDSU and also a day care center for students that go to school and are parents at the same time. He also stressed the importance of making it clear to the main campus in San Diego about needed programs in Calexico for the benefit of the valley.

The interview process is now over for the aspiring candidates for SDSU Dean and now the evaluation made by students and staff will be taken by the search committee to pick the new Dean that will replace Dr. Stephen Roeder.