Calexico Parents Upset Over Recent Post-Quake Decisions

By Mario Conde
Calexico parents made it clear to school board president, Salvador Pacheco, last Sunday that they want to have a special meeting to know when schools are going to open and to take action on their five points of concern.
In an event organized by parents at the Daniel Gutierrez Park in Calexico to celebrate the decision of the School District that students would not be moved around because of the earthquake. It was decided by the school board that students at Enrique Camarena Junior High will not be displaced as to other schools as it was originally planned. As of right now there is no date for the opening of the school in Calexico since they have been suspended since April 5th when spring break started.
In a press release made by the CUSD it said that over the last 10 days the situation has evolved; the extensive contracting requirements to ensure reimbursement of over $10 million in earthquake damage repairs have been met and contractors should start work this week.
The district continues to consider additional options for the Jefferson students. Abatement of hazardous materials by a U.S Environmental Protection Agency certified abatement contractor will begin Monday, April 26, 2010, to ensure the Jefferson, Calexico High School and De Anza campuses where asbestos was detected are safe to occupy.
At the event, the school board president was approached by concerned parents and asked him to call for a special meeting were they can listen and take action on their five points. The five points the parents are asking are: To revoke the resolution the board members approve giving power to the superintendent to take all necessary actions in a state of emergency; to give all the parents an official report of the destruction that occur to all the schools in Calexico; the plan of action for the children of Jefferson School; the day schools are going to open and educational programs for all students without school to advance them in their education; to know about what is going to happen with the contract of the teachers.
The parents are also asking the school board to dismiss Dr. Christina Luna and to name an interim superintendent with professional experience which could also know how to give good treatment to the community. The parents said in the letter that Luna has been arrogant with the parents and the board members.
Board President Pacheco said that there would be a meeting this week to face parents and students about the situations on the schools and will try to find a good place where parents can attend.
Board member Ruben De La Rosa said that students at Kiki Camarena deserve to finish their junior high education at their school and said that he already put an item on the agenda to revoke the resolution made to the superintendent.


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Craven Morehead

What a crock…
Parents want this – parents want that.
Guess what? You’ll get what you get and like it. Period.
Too bad. Cry me a freaking river.