Border Patrol Visit Holtville High School’s Students

Friday, March 26th Imperial Valley Border Patrol came to the high school and talked to all the students about drug cartels. They would take out students from their history classes and take them to F2, which is most known as Mr. Resherts class room. For two days all students had a presentation on drugs and kids working with the drug cartels. They decided to show these movies because there have been too many teens that have been caught in selling drugs. They wanted to show the students the consequences of selling and getting caught. They said that once teens get into this they have given up their lives. It may be quick money but its dangerous money as well. The movies explained how teens get caught up in doing this, the drug cartels promise them money cars and happiness but once they are doing using them, the drug cartels kill them. The border patrol came to help prevent teens at Holtville High School from getting caught in this web. The border patrol came to explain that drugs were not an option, that too many kids have either sold or have been on drugs since they were little. Some have even started at the age of 10. The border patrol and Holtville High Schools administrations wants the students be aware that selling drugs is not the only solution to get easy money. They just want to keep the students safe and protested. Many of the students enjoyed the presentation and enjoyed that the schools administration cared enough to bring the border patrol to inform them. Drug prevention is something that is 100 percent preventable in all schools as long as the students stay away from any of the drug cartels. Some students agreed that selling drugs was something that was very risky.

By: Veronica Tamayo