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The General Session for the International Economic Summit is Friday, April 30, 2010, 10:30am-2:00pm

The General Session for the International Economic Summit is

Friday, April 30, 2010, 10:30am-2:00pm
at the
Barcelona Event Center in El Centro

We encourage you to attend this core part of the event to learn more about the international nature of our regional economy

• Keynote speaker Roberto Valero (ERIV) will discuss the “State of the Mexicali-Imperial Economy”
• Keynote speaker Hasan Ikhrata (SCAG) will discuss the “State of the Southwest Regional Economy”
• A delicious Mexican Buffet for lunch
• A panel discussion on the Regional Infrastructure
Opening remarks from Assemblymember V. Manuel Perez
• And closing remarks by Representative Bob Filner

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Purchase of 1,200 Explosives Trace Detection Units to Bolster Aviation Security

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano today announced the purchase of more than 1,200 explosives trace detection units using $35.5 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funding—improving explosives detection capabilities at airports nationwide while infusing Recovery Act dollars into local economies.

“These state-of-the art technologies will strengthen security and streamline screening operations while making air travel more convenient for passengers,” said Secretary Napolitano. “Explosives trace detection technology, enhanced inline baggage screening systems and improved surveillance capabilities are important elements of our layered aviation security strategy to protect the flying public from terrorism.”

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Police Briefs

City of Holtville


April 12


A female subject called police to report that her boyfriend was drunk and out of line and that she would like him to leave. The subject left in a four door vehicle. The caller was advised to call back should he return.


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Vikings to Play At Petco Park

By Luke Phillips
The Holtville High School baseball team is offering a deal that fans won’t be able to refuse.
For $10 Vikings fans will get a chance to see their hometown team play at San Diego’s Petco Park and will also get tickets to a Padres game and a free car wash to boot.
The team is currently selling tickets for their May 8 game at Petco Park against Palo Verde. Anybody who buys a ticket will also receive a ticket to see the San Diego Padres play the Washington Nationals on May 28.
“It’s a big deal for the kids to get to play at Petco,” said Holtville Athletic Director Steve Cato, “It’s kind of like hallowed ground.”
The team will be set up at Baja Tire at the corner of 5th and Palm Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. and will be offering car washes for $10. Any one who buys a car wash will also receive tickets to both games.
Cato says that the chance to play at the park is offered on a rotating basis. He says last year El Centro played against Brawley at Petco, and this year Holtville was offered the opportunity.
“It’s really an honor,” Cato said.
Money made from ticket sales and car wash donations will go toward the $5,000 rental fee for Petco Park. In an e-mailed press release, Cato said that the Padres’ “commitment to provide this experience to our athletes is a worthwhile investment.”
Cato says that the extra care taken to keep Petco Park clean and pristine offers a good lesson for team members.
“They even vacuum out the dugouts after each game to get ride of all the gum,” said Cato. “It really teaches respect.”

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County Quake Damage Estimates Reach Into The Hundreds Of Millions

Chris Furguson
As more data and estimates are reported, the damage to the Imperial Valley from the Easter Sunday earthquake reached more than $100 million dollars.
A significant portion of the damage stems from the Downtown Calexico area, which saw several buildings “red tagged” pending city and private inspections by engineers.
The collapse of a roof on a Third Street business prompted changes to a plan to allow private businesses to reopen late last week.  Some of the older buildings in the area are more than 80 years old and do not meet current earthquake standards.
Calexico officials later said that the damage to the city itself suffered over $28 million in damage, mostly to the city’s water filtration system.
It is not known as of press time how much was lost in the retail or residential sectors of the city.
Additionally, several Calexico schools were also not allowed to reopen due to earthquake damage, including Jefferson elementary moved all 800 of their students to other schools and a pair of private facilities were only permitted to open their doors yesterday morning.
Despite previous estimates topping $80 million, the city of El Centro later lowered the estimated damage from the quake to around $57 million but expected the number to rise again once more information came to the city.
Most of the damage estimates gathered by El Centro came from the El Centro Regional Medical Center, which said it lost around $37 million due to the quake.
Many buildings lost storefront windows and suffered some internal damage.  Other buildings, like the Brunswick Zone XL, saw superficial damage to their facilities.
Imperial, Brawley and the northern areas did not report significant damage as a result of the quake.
In the aftermath of the quake, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger toured the area, as did U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer, U.S. Representative Bob Filner, State Senator Denise Ducheny and Assemblyman Manuel Perez.
Schwarzenegger later promised to send relief and would ask President Barack Obama for federal assistance once damage estimates were finalized.

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