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The General Session for the International Economic Summit is

Friday, April 30, 2010, 10:30am-2:00pm
at the
Barcelona Event Center in El Centro

We encourage you to attend this core part of the event to learn more about the international nature of our regional economy

• Keynote speaker Roberto Valero (ERIV) will discuss the “State of the Mexicali-Imperial Economy”
• Keynote speaker Hasan Ikhrata (SCAG) will discuss the “State of the Southwest Regional Economy”
• A delicious Mexican Buffet for lunch
• A panel discussion on the Regional Infrastructure
Opening remarks from Assemblymember V. Manuel Perez
• And closing remarks by Representative Bob Filner

These important speakers AND lunch for a low cost of $50.00

Please hurry, space is limited.

For more information or to register, click here or call 760-353-8332

Or contact


Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano today announced the purchase of more than 1,200 explosives trace detection units using $35.5 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funding—improving explosives detection capabilities at airports nationwide while infusing Recovery Act dollars into local economies.

“These state-of-the art technologies will strengthen security and streamline screening operations while making air travel more convenient for passengers,” said Secretary Napolitano. “Explosives trace detection technology, enhanced inline baggage screening systems and improved surveillance capabilities are important elements of our layered aviation security strategy to protect the flying public from terrorism.”

The Recovery Act funded explosives trace detection units announced by Secretary Napolitano today will effectively and efficiently screen checked and carry-on baggage for explosives residue. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has expanded the random use of explosives trade detection technology—which can also be used to screen the hands of passengers or their clothing—as part of the Department’s efforts to strengthen aviation security at U.S. airports and around the world since the attempted terrorist attack on Dec. 25, 2009.

More than 7,000 explosives trace detection units are currently in use by TSA at U.S. airports.

In addition, $30.4 million in ARRA funding announced today will be used to expand an inline baggage screening system at Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport (MSP). Inline baggage handling systems use state-of-the-art technology to screen checked baggage for explosives more quickly, while streamlining the ticketing and boarding process. The systems also provide on-screen resolution capabilities for TSA officers screening baggage, reducing the number of re-scans and physical bag searches.

$6.1 million in ARRA funds will be used to purchase 135 chemical analysis devices to identify potential explosives in medically necessary liquids brought through security checkpoints at airports across the country.

On March 5, Secretary Napolitano announced the initial deployment of ARRA-funded advanced imaging technology (AIT) units to 11 airports—the first of many to receive this new technology as the result of the Recovery Act. AIT units are designed to bolster security by safely screening passengers for metallic and non-metallic threats—including weapons, explosives and other objects concealed under layers of clothing.

Last month, Secretary Napolitano highlighted nearly $600 million in ARRA investments devoted to securing the U.S. aviation system and creating jobs in local communities across the country since President Obama signed the bill into law on Feb. 17, 2009. ARRA committed more than $3 billion for homeland security projects through DHS and the General Services Administration (GSA). Of the $1 billion allocated to TSA for aviation security projects, $734 million is dedicated to screening checked baggage and $266 million is allocated for checkpoint explosives detection technologies.


City of Holtville


April 12


A female subject called police to report that her boyfriend was drunk and out of line and that she would like him to leave. The subject left in a four door vehicle. The caller was advised to call back should he return.


A male subject called police to report that his girlfriend is refusing to leave his home. After a brief argument, the girlfriend was sent on her way. The caller was advised to attain a restraining order and to call back should she come around looking for trouble.


A young woman called police to report having a fight with her family. Though it was not a physical fight, the caller is worried that it might escalate toward one. The family was counseled and advised on how to handle future arguments.


April 13


Someone called police to report that their vehicle had been broken into by an unknown male subject. The robber ran off with a a pair of Ray-ban sunglasses and a couple of college text books. The caller was advised of his options.


A female subject called police to report having an argument with her ex-boyfriend. They were fighting over the fact that he also harasses her mother. Both parties were counseled.


Someone called police to report a couple having an intense argument. The caller was not sure what the argument was about. Both subjects seemed to be getting very aggressive. They were both contacted and the male subject stated that he would sleep at a friends house for the night.


A female subject called police to report that her ex-boyfriend was throwing things at her windows. The caller stated that she wants to handle the problem herself, she just wanted this incident documented.


April 14


Someone called police to report that an unknown vehicle had ran into their vehicle and damaged the left rear bumper. The damage was only moderate. No witnesses were available to describe the subject. The caller was advised on his options.


Someone called police to report that their daughter was at the residence causing problems. She was asked to leave but only became more irate. She was finally sent on her way by an officer.


Someone called police to report that someone had just broken the drivers side window of their vehicle. The caller said that they saw a  van drive off soon after the incident. The caller did not recognize the van. The caller was advised of his options. He was asked to call back should the van return.

City of El Centro


April 9


It was reported, that a dark vehicle has almost rear ended the caller’s vehicle twice, the caller also stated that the vehicle was also running stop signs, the vehicle was not found, the caller was advised of his/her options.


It was reported that a tool shed was broken into, though nothing was taken the caller is disturbed that strangers were on his property. The caller was advised on his options and stated to call back should he notice any suspicious situations happening in his backyard.


April 10


It was reported that the caller is being kept awake by a group of people whom are hanging out late by their porch, though he has asked to keep it down, they refused to, an officer was able to make contact with the group, they quieted down and complied to call it a night.


It was reported that a subject was throwing rocks around the area, the subject then threw a rock at the caller’s residence, though the residence was not damaged, the caller still wanted him to be counseled, the unknown subject was not found in the area, the caller was advised of his options.


April 11


It was reported that the caller has noticed a husband and wife couple having an intense argument, the caller did not state what the argument was about, the subjects were contacted, he situation was handled. They were both advised to take matters to a civil court should the problems escalade.


It was reported that the caller’s Husband took her vehicle without any permission, the caller stated that her husband does not have a California Driver’s License, the caller was advised of her options.


April 12


It was reported that an SUV is driving recklessly, passing stop signs and burning rubber down the street, the caller tried to get him to stop but he ignored him, the caller is also worried about the kids nearby, the subject was not caught.


It was reported that the caller’s next-door neighbors are playing their music very loudly, after a few demands from the caller they finally complied when an officer asked them to keep it down or shut it down, the neighbors will be keeping it quiet.


April 13


It was reported that 5 young teenagers were in the area, the caller stated that they were getting into a large brawl that spilled on the street, they soon fled the area after a few minutes, the officers were not able to find any subjects in the area, the caller was advised.


It was reported that the caller’s son is being aggressive and irate, after having an intense argument over him violating his curfew, the young man was contacted and counseled, the caller was advised of her options and to call again should it happen again.

City of Brawley


April 9


It was reported, that an unknown vehicle had stricken the caller’s vehicle sometime last night, the caller stated that the vehicle that crashed his vehicle had driven off at a high rate of speed, there were not witnesses, the caller was advised of his options.


It was reported, that the caller’s truck was vandalized, upon inspection it was found that the windshield was broken, an estimated cost of up to $400.00 dollars, a report was taken, and the caller was advised of his options.


It was reported, that the caller’s ex-girlfriends son keeps bothering the caller, and harassing him, the caller just wanted to know if there was such thing as putting a restraining order on children, the man was advised on his options.


April 10


It was reported, that the caller’s rear sliding door to his residence was shattered sometime last night, though it is believed that whoever shattered the door was trying to break in, the subject was not seen leaving the residence or the area, the caller was advised of her options.


It was reported, that a male subject was standing in the middle of the street waving a broken glass bottle around, the caller feared for his safety due to the traffic, the subject was gone before the officers arrived in the area, the caller was advised of his options.


It was reported, that the caller’s neighbors are playing their music extremely loud, the caller stated that they are outside working on a vehicle, drinking lightly and listening to loud rock music, an officer was able to contact the subjects and have them turn the music down.


April 11


It was reported that an unknown subject drove by and threw a rock at his trailer and his vehicles windshield, the trailer wasn’t damaged but he windshield did have a small crack, he was advised on his options.


It was reported, that an unknown subject broke into his vehicle, the subject ran off with a handful of Cds and a remote for his stereo, a report was taken, the items were not retrieved, the caller was advised of his options.


It was reported, that 2 male subjects were parked across the street, the only problem is that they kept a close eye on the caller’s locale, as if looking for something of value, the subjects were contacted and sent on their way, the caller was advised of their options.


April 12


It was reported, that the caller has ran into his ex-friend whom she had an argument with, the caller is willingly trying to avoid this man but he keeps coming around, the caller was advised to get a restraining order along with a few other suggestions.


It was reported that an unknown subject keeps ringing the door bell, he then leaves out of sight when the door is opened, the caller is tired of this and would like for the subject to be contacted, the subject was not found.


April 13


It was reported, that an unknown subject has vandalized his vehicle, the passenger rear side window was broken, nothing seemed to be missing from the vehicle, a report was taken, the caller was advised of his options.


It was reported, that the caller wants his husband to leave, the subject is causing problems for her, the subject also is under the influence, after a dispute the husband complied to stay at a friends house for the night.

City of Calexico


April 9


It was reported that two females were having an argument right by the bathroom facilities. The two females were known to be friends in the past and it was not known why they argued. They were both counseled and separated.


It was reported that the neighbors were having a large party, the subjects were throwing beer bottles at the caller home, the street and the bushes, the caller had asked them to calm down but they refused, the party was taken inside the home.


It was reported, that a male subject has returned and started banging on the caller’s front door yet again, the subject was known in the area, he was contacted and sent on his way, the caller was advised of his options.


April 10


It was reported, that a couple were under the influence and were having a fist fight, though no one was hurt  badly, they were separated and counseled, they came to a mutual agreement, the couple was left with a warning  and advised to seek outside help.


It was reported, that a large group of teenagers are playing loud music while they drink their beers around the residence, the teenagers refuse to turn the music down, but complied when asked to by an officer.


It was reported, that the caller’s neighbor is throwing sand into the caller’s home, the caller did not wish for anything to be done yet, and she just wanted it to be documented, in case it happens again.


April 11


It was reported, that a male homeless subject is pan handling in the area, the subject who refuses to leave was giving customers who didn’t donate, a hard time, the subject was sent on his way, he was asked to not return, the caller was advised of his options.


It was reported, that a male and female couple are having an intense argument, both were also seen threatening each other, they were both counseled, the male have left to a friend’s home for the night.


April 12


It was reported, that there was a large gathering in which they were arguing, the small party was getting loud and in fear of a physical fight breaking out, the party was dispersed


It was reported, that there is a subject in the neighborhood causing a disturbance, the subject appeared to be very loud and was bothering some of the people at the location, the subject was not found in the area


April 13


It was reported, that a landlord and tenant are having an argument over the studio that’s being rented out, the details weren’t made clear but both the tenant and land lord were contacted. They were both advised that if the problem persisted, that they’d take it to the civil court.


By Luke Phillips
The Holtville High School baseball team is offering a deal that fans won’t be able to refuse.
For $10 Vikings fans will get a chance to see their hometown team play at San Diego’s Petco Park and will also get tickets to a Padres game and a free car wash to boot.
The team is currently selling tickets for their May 8 game at Petco Park against Palo Verde. Anybody who buys a ticket will also receive a ticket to see the San Diego Padres play the Washington Nationals on May 28.
“It’s a big deal for the kids to get to play at Petco,” said Holtville Athletic Director Steve Cato, “It’s kind of like hallowed ground.”
The team will be set up at Baja Tire at the corner of 5th and Palm Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. and will be offering car washes for $10. Any one who buys a car wash will also receive tickets to both games.
Cato says that the chance to play at the park is offered on a rotating basis. He says last year El Centro played against Brawley at Petco, and this year Holtville was offered the opportunity.
“It’s really an honor,” Cato said.
Money made from ticket sales and car wash donations will go toward the $5,000 rental fee for Petco Park. In an e-mailed press release, Cato said that the Padres’ “commitment to provide this experience to our athletes is a worthwhile investment.”
Cato says that the extra care taken to keep Petco Park clean and pristine offers a good lesson for team members.
“They even vacuum out the dugouts after each game to get ride of all the gum,” said Cato. “It really teaches respect.”


Chris Furguson
As more data and estimates are reported, the damage to the Imperial Valley from the Easter Sunday earthquake reached more than $100 million dollars.
A significant portion of the damage stems from the Downtown Calexico area, which saw several buildings “red tagged” pending city and private inspections by engineers.
The collapse of a roof on a Third Street business prompted changes to a plan to allow private businesses to reopen late last week.  Some of the older buildings in the area are more than 80 years old and do not meet current earthquake standards.
Calexico officials later said that the damage to the city itself suffered over $28 million in damage, mostly to the city’s water filtration system.
It is not known as of press time how much was lost in the retail or residential sectors of the city.
Additionally, several Calexico schools were also not allowed to reopen due to earthquake damage, including Jefferson elementary moved all 800 of their students to other schools and a pair of private facilities were only permitted to open their doors yesterday morning.
Despite previous estimates topping $80 million, the city of El Centro later lowered the estimated damage from the quake to around $57 million but expected the number to rise again once more information came to the city.
Most of the damage estimates gathered by El Centro came from the El Centro Regional Medical Center, which said it lost around $37 million due to the quake.
Many buildings lost storefront windows and suffered some internal damage.  Other buildings, like the Brunswick Zone XL, saw superficial damage to their facilities.
Imperial, Brawley and the northern areas did not report significant damage as a result of the quake.
In the aftermath of the quake, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger toured the area, as did U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer, U.S. Representative Bob Filner, State Senator Denise Ducheny and Assemblyman Manuel Perez.
Schwarzenegger later promised to send relief and would ask President Barack Obama for federal assistance once damage estimates were finalized.

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