The Second Candidate to be Evaluated for SDSU Dean

By Mario Conde

The second candidate to be evaluated for SDSU Dean was Martha Crunkleton by staff, students, and community.

Crunkleton is a diplomat, U.S. Department of State, Kabul, Afghanistan, and Cd. Juarez where she worked at the American Consulate over there. She was born is the east Georgia Mountains and was the first in her family to go to college. Crunkelton said to be a great believer in education and said it’s crucial for society to fight ignorance.

The candidate for Dean said that she would like to see SDSU to have more collaboration between them and institutions in Mexicali and have a more coordinated approached to the regions problems. “I would hope to increase the resources to this campus by raising money and being a strong advocate for this institution.” She said.

When asked about the possible enrollment reduction by the California State University system this year, Crunkelton said that “when you have empty seats it doesn’t cost more to fill them and we should teach everybody who wants to come and learn.” The candidate said.

Some SDSU students have expressed concern that the main campus doesn’t support the IV campus in terms of funding and educational opportunities, Crunkleton said that she would be a forceful teacher to teach the leaders of San Diego State University about the needs and resources of this campus.

“I think if they better understood the role of this campus in this community they will be more supportive. Whoever is the Dean has to teach them and be a very forceful advocate for this community and this campus because it’s central for this community. It’s not a luxury, it’s a central thing” she said.

Crunklenton also plans, if elected dean, to persuade more faculty members to come here, set up more exchange programs, and explore the possibility to have a summer institute program that focus and the economy of the border in order to have students of all over the United States to come here to study and learn from experts.