South Texas Border Patrol Agents Find Nearly $1 Million Worth of Marijuana

U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to the Rio Grande City Station recently found an abandoned pickup truck loaded with 1,174 pounds of marijuana.

Border Patrol agents discovered the truck on Monday near La Rosita. The truck had several bundles of marijuana piled high in the bed and cab. Agents conducted an intensive search of the area but did not locate the driver of the vehicle.

Photo of bundles stacked in rear cab of truck.
Border Patrol Agents from the Rio Grande Valley Sector recently found an abandoned pickup truck that contained 1,174 pounds of marijuana.

Agents seized a total of 54 bundles of marijuana with an estimated value of $939,200.

The Border Patrol seized the vehicle and turned the marijuana over to the Drug Enforcement Administration.

malcolm kyle
So does this mean we’re all a lot safer now? Based on the unalterable proviso that drug use is essentially an unstoppable and ongoing human behavior which has been with us since the dawn of time, any serious reading on the subject of past attempts at any form of drug… Read more »