San Diego State University Began its Search for a New Dean for the Imperial Valley Campus

By Mario Conde

San Diego State University began its search for a new Dean for the Imperial Valley campus and last Thursday students and staff evaluated its first candidate, Dr. William Rosa.

The first of three candidates introduced himself to the community having Rosa explaining his background and knowledge to become dean. Rosa is a Puerto Rico decent with a doctorate from the University of Ohio. Rosa obtained his Bachelors from the University of Puerto Rico and his Masters from Michigan State and taught Spanish and Italian. He is the current associate Dean of Humanities and Science of Montclair State University in New Jersey.

The selected candidate will replace Dr. Stephen Roeder who announced his retirement as Dean last year.

Rosa was asked about the current situation SDSU is facing with the lost of exchange student programs and losing 50% of its students recently. Asked how he will address this issue, Rosa said that maybe a market analysis of why they are not getting students and see if the reason is that the community is changing; if they need to update some programs or see they are not really valued by the main campus. He also said that he would be forceful in communicating with the main campus in San Diego.

“We should make clear to San Diego that we are not other school and that we need that get the message across the mountains.” Rosa said.

Rosa added that SDSU should have a more active role in the community and have the people of the Imperial Valley support the University.  He also proposed to join with Imperial Valley College and have an open dialogue between the two institutions to improve the educational level in the valley. “We need to better define the link between both colleges and become productive partners.”

Rosa also stressed the need to re-structure the Dean’s Advisory Board and have people that are experts in the area be in charge of the decisions that affect the college. He also proposed that a student’s advisory board be created to work directly with the Dean.

Students and staff will continue to evaluate two other candidates which are Martha Crunkleton and David Pearson.