Iv Idol Preliminaries

BY: Jorge Villalobos

Liz Villareal, a veteran of past Imperial Valley Idol competitions sings "Torn," by Natalie Umbrugia.

Nathanel Lizarraga, a favorite from last year and finals competitor comes back strong with "I'm your." He was one of the judge's favorite contestants.

Left to Right : Liz Villareal, JJ Casas, Lupe Lopez and Nathanel Lizarraga. All four received the "Golden Ticket," and will move on to compete on round two.

Jesse Robinson of the band "Bad Touch," with Kaylyn Sampson the 2010 Brawley Cattle Call Queen are the judges for this year's event.

IMPERIAL – The California Mid-Winter Fair is in full swing this year and one of its most popular events has come back for a fourth round, the Imperial Valley Idol. This year the stakes are a bit more personal since there are only four contestants in full competing. Though it’s not to say that there is a lack of talent, this year we have returning contestants, some of which made it as far as the finals.

This year features two judges, the Brawley Cattle Queen Kaylyn Sampson and from “Bad Touch,” Jesse Robinson. This is their first time judging the contest.

Veterans of the Iv Idol contest returning this year for another shot at the title were  Nathanel Lizarraga who made it all the way to the Finals last year, Lizarraga opened with “I’m yours.” Another returning contestant is Liz Villareal, she started with Natalie Umbrugia’s “Torn.” New comers’ to the event were JJ Casas who debuted with Alicia Key’s”No One.” The last new comer to debut was Lup Lopez who sang “Catch me.”

All four contestants were cleared by the judges to make it to round two which will be held at the Calico Stage on Wednesday March 3rd at 6:00 pm.