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Tea Party Is Just A Social Party; Solar Energy Is Hot In The Valley Now

WHEN IT COMES TO BEING A GRASSROOTS political movement, you can count the Tea party as among the weakest in the country.
They must be drinking herbal tea. The decaffeinated kind.
The Tea Party staged a rally in Searchlight Nevada over the weekend, supposedly to embarrass Harry Reid and force him out of office. The Senate Majority Leader responded by being elsewhere.
Meanwhile, the Tea party was made up mostly of white, middle class retired people who came in their motor homes for what turned into a platform for conservative radio announcers.
Most people weren’t even aware it was taking place. Calls and conversations with people outside the immediate are got these kinds of responses when about the rally:
“They’re having one where?”
“Who are they?”
“What for?”
All in all it was a nice sunny afternoon in the desert and a chance for the old folks to get out and socialize with their people. Sarah Palin even flew in for a very short visit. Then flew out quickly.
So much for the revolutionary spirit of the retired American. They’re moving on to the next party as we speak.
And the rest of us might actually get some expanded health care.
There are several companies looking to develop solar energy fields here  and send the electricity off to places in Southern California.
The IID has been helping with the development, but doesn’t appear to be building its own fields. At least not yet.
With help from the Federal Government this can be the boom industry of the decade. we’re glad to see so many companies involved in this exciting technology for the future.
I ran across an interesting piece of mail form a printer that gives you some of the other side of the coin when it comes to paper and the printed word. It opened by saying”
“Read a printed newspaper today,
Send a printed direct mail piece,
Write a letter on paper, and eat some apricots.
Forests are a renewable and sustainable resource. so you aren’t saving anything by switching to non- paper methods of communicating when it comes to “going green.”
There are 750 million acres of forest in the U.S., about the same as 100 years ago and the annual net growth of U.S. forests is 36 percent higher than the volume of tree removals.
“Help save a forest and be an environmentalist by reading a printed newspaper, send direct mail advertisements, write an actual handwritten letter (you know grandma would approve).
The message was sent by Patti Parkes-Wright, V.P. pf Fricke-Parks Press in Union City California. the apricots was a reference to apricot orchards that were abundant around her hometown, but disappeared when land developers took over the area.
The best way to save newspapers, she says, is to read them. Keep eating apricots and the apricot orchard will keep growing.
How’s that for an advertorial for the industry? I thought it had a message that really hit home.
Save a printer and a newspaper at the same time.
THIS IS EASTER WEEK and despite the usual array of troubles in the world that are brought to you by your national news, we think the world is on the right track to becoming a better place.
Now if  Obama  will live up to his promises to get the troops out of Afghanistan, at least, it could be a very good year for everyone. The U.S. shouldn’t continue to fight everyone else’s battles under the pretense of “National Defense.” Who are we defending in Afghanistan?
We’re perpetuating a war that doesn’t need to be fought. The military wants us there, because that’s how it makes a living. But let’s quit telling ourselves that we’re defending freedom by handing lots of aid to this desolate country.
Peace at Easter.


I am embarrassed for this outlet for even considering letting this kind of baseless BS. get passed the “editors”. Going forward please treat your readers like they are educated. Thank you