Left to right: Daniel Fitzgerald, CCEZ Manager; Matthew Lesko; Mike Paredes, IVEDC VP of Business Development

Austin, TX – The Imperial Valley is a focal point for potential renewable energy development.  To showcase the opportunities present in the Imperial Valley, the Imperial Valley Economic Development Corporation (IVEDC), Imperial Valley Enterprise Zone (IVEZ) and Calexico-County Enterprise Zone (CCEZ) sent representatives to the Renewable Energy World North American Conference held February 23-25 at the Austin Convention Center.

The Renewable Energy World Conference brought together developers, finance companies, utilities, suppliers and all others working in the renewable energy field, including the American Wind Energy Association and the Geothermal Resource Association.  The conference was attended by nearly 4000 people with 227 companies and organizations exhibiting.

“This conference allowed us to make some important contacts and to promote the Imperial Valley’s renewable energy assets,” said Diane Cason, IVEZ Manager.  She attended the show along with CCEZ Manager, Daniel Fitzgerald, IVEDC VP of Business Development, Mike Paredes and IVEDC Business Development Specialist, Nicole Ochoa.

In addition to making new contacts, Daniel Fitzgerald and Mike Paredes had the privilege of explaining the opportunities the Imperial Valley has for business to someone many will recognize, Matthew Lesko of late-night commercial fame.  Mr. Lesko for many years published books on how individuals and small businesses can take advantage of federal, state and local government programs.  Mr. Lesko interview Daniel and Mike, where they had the chance to discuss workforce training, redevelopment agencies and the enterprise zone program. “It was great to meet and talk with Matthew Lesko.  He is very interested on what we are doing at the local level to help new businesses develop, including the local entrepreneur,” said Daniel Fitzgerald, CCEZ Manager.

“In addition to making new contacts, this conference also allowed us to promote the upcoming Imperial Valley Renewable Energy Summit,” explained Mike Paredes.

The Calexico-County Enterprise Zone (CCEZ) was designated by the State of California April, 2008.  The designation is retroactive to October, 2006, since the CCEZ replaced the expired Calexico Enterprise Zone.  The CCEZ is designated until October 15, 2021.  The Imperial Valley Enterprise Zone (IVEZ) was designated in March, 2006.  The IVEZ is designated until March 1, 2021.  Businesses that locate in a California Enterprise Zone are eligible for certain tax credits, including hiring credits that can save a business up to $37,000 per employee over 5 years.  For more information, visit http://www.calexico-countyez.com or http://www.ivez.com.

The Imperial Valley Economic Development Corporation is a partnership of private enterprise and local government that is united by the common vision of expanding and diversifying the local economy. IVEDC investors include a host of public and private organizations that are committed to building a robust economy for the benefit of all those who live and work in the region.  For more information, visit http://www.ivedc.com.



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