Guillermo Hermosillo Will Seek To Be Elected to Calexico City Council

By Mario Conde

Councilman Guillermo Hermosillo will seek to be elected to a four year term after being appointed last year to the Calexico City Council.

A long time businessman and a father of three is now looking forward in welcoming his fourth child next month and also to be elected to the City Council this summer. Hermosillo ran for City Council four years ago for the first time and ended in a strong third place just behind candidate Luis Castro who was elected to Council two years later.

After four years of preparation by being chairman and commissionaire of the Calexico Planning Commission and director of the Calexico Chamber of Commerce, combined with more of twenty years of experience in the local business, he now feels ready to take the next step and do the right things to make Calexico a better City, he said.

Hermosillo focuses his campaign platform in making sure to bring new retail and industrial jobs to Calexico, the improvements of parks and recreation, and increasing the number of ambulances in the City.

“Calexico is a great City to live in and we can make it better. We can make parks nice for the public, kids, and the community. Somehow we can make Calexico a destination point to where people can stop and come here for a few days.” Hermosillo said.

“We need strip malls, we need outlets, and Calexico has the potential for all that we need businesses that can generate sales tax for our general fund so we can provide quality services to the population.”

In the public safety issue, Hermosillo believes the City should have more ambulances but said the City needs work to have more sales and property tax revenue to make it happen. He said that this will not be done overnight but the City should work on it.

A resident of Calexico since 1992, Hermosillo believes he is the right candidate to move forward Calexico politics into a new direction were people can respect Calexico.

“I’m a different type of politician and I think we can work together to make Calexico a better place and when people say “Only in Calexico” into a positive phrase.” Hermosillo said.