Congressman Bob Filner Co-Sponsors the Community College Energy Training Act!

Congressman Bob Filner recently co-sponsored the Community College Energy Training Act (H.R. 3731), legislation that will support community colleges as they train a new generation of technicians and other workers in America’s renewable energy industry.

“To end our dependence on fossil fuels, we need to start preparing a workforce that can support a sustainable alternative,” stated Congressman Filner.  “Providing resources to our community colleges focusing on renewable energy job training and education programs will help Southern California become a national leader in renewable energy production.”

Investment in community colleges is integral to preparing the workforce for a clean energy economy.  This bill will establish annual grants of $100 million provided jointly by the Secretaries of Labor and Energy to community colleges across the country.  The grants will be used to create community college programs that focus on the inherent renewable energy resources in a given region, allowing students to train in the fields most likely to affect where they live.  Additionally, the grants will also serve to boost and upgrade existing programs that are already providing similar job training and education.  This will ensure that more students will receive training, and that the programs at community colleges will remain on the cutting edge of the renewable energy industry.