Holtville Opens Walnut Street

HOLTVILLE, CA, MARCH 18, 2010: The City of Holtville will complete our first Federal Stimulus project this Thursday, March 18, 2010 and will open Walnut Avenue between Main and Fourth Streets for traffic and access to the parking area. The City’s project is one of the first ARRA funded projects to be completed in this region and will be recognized during a brief ribbon cutting ceremony that took place at 3pm on Thursday, March 18th. City Council members where  on hand to welcome representatives from Cal Trans, Imperial Valley Transportation Commission as well as other local officials.
The City received $302,374 in ARRA funding for the Street rehabilitation of Walnut Avenue including curb, gutter, and sidewalk, between 5th Street and 4th Street. The street is built to full width to accommodate truck and car traffic from Bonds Corner I8 exit and the industrial and commercial businesses in the area. Curb, gutter and sidewalk was constructed on the west side of Walnut, and sidewalk improvements were made to the east side. The landscaping and irrigation system the utilized the Netafim Irrigation System constructed as a part of the Walnut Avenue Improvement Project. Netafim is an underground “drip” irrigation system with a number of advantages. These advantages were unique to the Walnut Avenue Project. The major advantages are as follows:
1. There are no above grade sprinkler heads to break and repair. The Netafim System is totally underground and practically maintenance free. This greatly reduces the landscaping maintenance requirements.
2. There is no water which will overspray onto sidewalk areas, spray pedestrian traffic, fill the curbs and gutters with water, etc. The Netafim system is totally underground and no above ground overspraying and nuisance water will be noticed.
3. Netafim is extremely efficient in terms of water use. There is no evaporation losses as it is totally underground. A 30 to 35 percent water savings should be realized with the Netafim system. Roughly $500.00 per year in water savings should be realized for the Walnut Avenue Project.

This is one of many projects that are going on around the City OF Holtville that used ARRA funds. These projects were funded because of the advanced planning that the city of Holtville had prepared and were shovel ready when the stimulus funds became available.