Daily Archives: March 25, 2010

San Diego State University Began its Search for a New Dean for the Imperial Valley Campus

By Mario Conde

San Diego State University began its search for a new Dean for the Imperial Valley campus and last Thursday students and staff evaluated its first candidate, Dr. William Rosa.

The first of three candidates introduced himself to the community having Rosa explaining his background and knowledge to become dean. Rosa is a Puerto Rico decent with a doctorate from the University of Ohio. Rosa obtained his Bachelors from the University of Puerto Rico and his Masters from Michigan State and taught Spanish and Italian. He is the current associate Dean of Humanities and Science of Montclair State University in New Jersey.

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Guillermo Hermosillo Will Seek To Be Elected to Calexico City Council

By Mario Conde

Councilman Guillermo Hermosillo will seek to be elected to a four year term after being appointed last year to the Calexico City Council.

A long time businessman and a father of three is now looking forward in welcoming his fourth child next month and also to be elected to the City Council this summer. Hermosillo ran for City Council four years ago for the first time and ended in a strong third place just behind candidate Luis Castro who was elected to Council two years later.

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Brown Announces Convictions of 31 Mexican Mafia Gang Members in Extortion and Drug Trafficking Cell

El Centro, Calif.-In a “fatal blow” to one of the most extensive, organized and violent extortion and drug trafficking operations in Imperial County history, Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. today announced the successful prosecution of all 31 members of a Mexican Mafia cell.

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