Calexico Port Officers seize cocaine worth $670,770 during morning hours

Calexico, Calif. – U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Officers working at the downtown Calexico port of entry seized more than 80 pounds of cocaine with an estimated value of approximately $670,770 earlier this week.

The first seizure occurred around 7:40 a.m. on Monday, March 23, after a CBP detector dog alerted to a 2005 Toyota pickup truck driven by a 59 year-old male U. S. citizen. The vehicle was referred for a secondary inspection where it was x-rayed revealing several anomalies in the front fenders.

Planning Your Vacation? Check Your Health Insurance

Being prepared isn’t just for the Boy Scout motto, but sound advice for a healthy vacation.
Nurse practitioner and travel consultant Elaine Rosenblatt says people get caught up in plane and hotel reservations and don’t give enough thought to protecting their health during vacation.
“Many health issues that come up during vacation can actually be avoided with some planning,” says Rosenblatt, who has more than three decades of experience as a travel-health consultant and practices at a clinic affiliated with the University of Wisconsin-Madison. “Vacationers should begin preparing at least two months before the trip, especially if it’s an international trip.”
Rosenblatt says it can take a series of vaccinations over a few weeks to become immunized to various illnesses and diseases. She says seasoned travelers know they should make sure they are up to date on the three “Rs”—required, recommended and routine vaccinations. Rosenblatt also recommends vaccination against the flu, the number-one vaccine-preventable illness. But she notes there are many other potential health pitfalls that even the well-traveled don’t always consider.
“A lot of travelers don’t look over their health care insurance plans to find out what’s covered and what’s not covered,” notes Rosenblatt. “If there’s a gap in your coverage, you might want to consider travel insurance.”  She says travelers sometimes have to be air-lifted out of remote areas to get emergency treatment, which can be very costly.
“Your teeth don’t care if you’re on vacation,” says Rosenblatt about a health concern that most people don’t think about.  “You could save yourself a lot of pain and hassle by seeing your dentist before you leave on your trip.”  She recommends that people tell their dentist when they are planning a trip abroad.
While emergency medical issues are the worst-case scenario, Rosenblatt says the everyday cold, headache or flu can ruin your vacation just as easily.
“I recommend that travelers pack a medical kit with common remedies like pain relievers,” says Rosenblatt.  She suggests that people with chronic health conditions should make sure they’re prepared for any travel complications.  For example, someone with asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) should pack an extra inhaler.
When in doubt about travel health issues, contact a travel consultant recommended by your primary care provider.
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Imperial Valley Mall partners with Soles4Souls® for earth day event

[El Centro, CA] – This Earth Day season, shoppers across the country can drop off their old stilettos and loafers at the mall before picking up new ones. Imperial Valley Mall is excited to announce its partnership with Soles4Souls, a national shoe charity organization. Beginning March 20, shoppers at the more than 50 CBL malls nationwide will have the opportunity to celebrate Earth Day by recycling their shoes.

With an estimated 300 million pairs of shoes ending up in US landfills each year, and the more than 300 million children in the world who don’t own a single pair, the idea of recycling shoes for a cause is what motivated the partnership. Soles4Souls, the international shoe charity dedicated to giving shoes to people in need, has given away more than 7 million pairs of shoes.

South Texas Border Patrol Agents Find Nearly $1 Million Worth of Marijuana

U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to the Rio Grande City Station recently found an abandoned pickup truck loaded with 1,174 pounds of marijuana.

Border Patrol agents discovered the truck on Monday near La Rosita. The truck had several bundles of marijuana piled high in the bed and cab. Agents conducted an intensive search of the area but did not locate the driver of the vehicle.

Photo of bundles stacked in rear cab of truck.

Soroptimist Award Winners Announced

Three Holtville High School seniors were awarded scholarships at the Holtville Soroptimist luncheon on Tuesday afternoon.  The Youth Citizenship and Violet Richardson Awards were presented to three deserving members of the senior class who exemplify community service.  These young ladies were recognized for their giving hearts and involvement in worthy community causes.  Receiving a $300 scholarship was Amber Shellabarger.  Samantha Venegas was the recipient of the $400 scholarship.  Cassie Acosta was awarded the $500 scholarship.  Each girl was given an opportunity to explain a little about their community service and why they feel community is so important.