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Border Patrol Interstate Checkpoint Yields High Dollar Amount of Cocaine

Calexico, Calif. – U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to the Calexico Station seized cocaine with an estimated value of $880,000 concealed in a vehicle on Monday afternoon during checkpoint operations on Interstate 8.

U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to the Calexico Station seized cocaine with an estimated value of $880,000 concealed in the vehicle on Monday afternoon during checkpoint operations on Interstate 8

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Air Show Draws More Than 40,000

Luke Phillips
Weather conditions put a damper on some of the festivities at the 2010 NAF El Centro Air Show Saturday, March 13th.
But the Blue Angels took flight despite the wind, thrilling a crowd of more than 40,000 people with loops, rolls, dives and precision formations.
Although most performances went on as planned during the windy day, a demonstartion by the motocross jump team Metal Mulisha was called off minutes after it started. And a second show by the Black Daggers parachute jump team was cancelled completely.
Beside the wind, it was a beautiful day for an air show, conditions which Blue Angels C-130 pilot Capt. Ben Blanton says make the Imperial Valley a unique place to fly.

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In Other Words

HOO-RAY, HOO-RAY, HOO-RAY! TIGER IS RETURNING TO THE LINKS in time for the Masters Golf Tournament.
Most people in the know expected that would be the case, since these big time celebrities can’t resist the glitz and glamour of a huge crowd, worldwide TV coverage and lots and lots of press coverage.
We hope he doesn’t act too humble, otherwise he’ll flub more shots and than he makes.
But his presence is assured of increasing ratings and interest in this annual Spring event that he has won four times.
THE MASTERS IS A TOURNAMENT THAT DEFIES LOGIC. It was founded by a man who was considered the greatest golfer in history -Bobby Jones. He and old buddy Clifford Roberts set out to design the greatest course and the greatest tournament ever.
I still prefer the U.S. Open when it comes to The Greatest moniker. It has more excitement, more glitz, more come form behind finishes and more cinderella stories than all the Masters combined. But, Roberts and Jones have kept the tournament embedded in the sport public’s mind for over 70 years. They even started a tradition of throwing news people who don’t sing the praises of the tournament off the course.
So, Tiger will be relatively secure from the ever-prying media and the emphasis, as it always is will be on the golf.
The tournament committee goes so far as to limit the number of commercials the network can show during an hour. Gasp! They’ve also gone so far as to eliminate commercials entirely from the final round of play. Man! Whose tougher than that?
So, if you want to ask Tiger what he and his wife did together last night, you might take note that you could be on the outside of the gate looking in before you snap your fingers.
Tiger will get through this and his return to golf. We hope he plays in a quite a few more tournaments this year. His agents need the money. And so do his sponsors. Oh, and it won’t hurt the fans either. We’ve had to suffer through three months of golf from no-names and never-heard-of-hims for too long. I’m happy to see golf get some star power back in the field.
Wally Leimgruber is going to get a lot of challenges from Ray Castillo El Centro and Steve Vasquez of Brawley. Seems he’s always holding somebody off.
We even predicted his loss one year because the balloting was so close But he’s managed to fight off the masses through three terms. Now he’s going for a fourth term. Can he do it again? Tune in later. He always makes the race exciting.
Louis Fuentes will have plenty of competition for the seat vacated in Calexico by Victor Carrillo.
They are people who all well known to him too. They all served on the Calexico City Council and probably feel the Supervisor’s job is in better hands – theirs.
John Renison is well-known in Valley political circles. he served on the Calexico council for three terms. He has experience and knows the area well. He even ran for a couple of other county offices, but lost in the general election after winning the primary. He’s proven to be a tough campaigner.
Luis Castro owns the Calexico bus company and got a suspect deal for federal funding through Congressman Filner and over the objections of some of the major users of the bus service.
But, he has developed a following with Hispanics and some of the low income people in the community. He got elected to the council, didn’t he? He’s been a supporter of austerity, too. What more could you ask for?
Carmen Durazo is a teacher at Calexico High School and served on the Calexico Council too. That’s a position that obviously inspires people to higher office. She is a patron of the arts and worked diligently on several projects, including changing the train schedule at the border. She takes a positive approach and could turn the tide from the other candidates. There hasn’t been a woman on the County Board for a long, long time. Maybe it’s time there is one.
That leaves Fuentes who has proven to be a diligent campaigner and someone who like to drum causes that he can beat a drum for.
His treatment of city employees when it came to their salaries and working hours left a lot to be desired.
More later. Peace.

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CBP Officers Save 2 Illegal Aliens, One Stuffed Behind Fender of Car

San Diego — U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers working at San Diego area border stations from 6 a.m. on Friday through 6 a.m. today, confiscated just over 2,900 pounds of narcotics valued at $2.2 million and rescued two smuggled people hidden in a compartment in a vehicle.
On Saturday just after midnight, a CBP officer working at the Otay Mesa passenger port referred a 26-year-old woman driving a black 1997 Mercedes Benz to the secondary lot for further inspection.

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2010 NAF El Centro Air Show Video

Video of the 2010 NAF El Centro Air Show, Saturday, March 13 at NAF El Centro.

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