“Life in the Fast Lane – The Songs of the Eagles Musical Journey”

By Chris Furguson

Guitarist Brian Eldridge (left) mugs for the camera as he joins Matt Barrett in a song. Chris Furguson Photo.

The 2010 California Mid Winter Fair & Fiesta went into its final weekend.with huge energy thanks to a strong performance from one of the numerous bands at the grandstand area
“Life in the Fast Lane – The Songs of the Eagles Musical Journey” rocked a near capacity Grandstand Arena with a show
With lead vocals from Mark Dana and drummer Myra Luv,  Life In The Fast Lane also included lead guitarist Rick Ricketts, guitarist Matt Barrett, vocals, guitar and keyboards from Brian Eldridge and bassist Lonnie Garcia.
“I’ve heard these guys before,” said KXO General Manager Gene Brister.  “They really put on a great show.
With a strong catalog to choose from, the
The group began with several early Eagles hits, like “Witchy Woman” and “The New Kid In Town,” and “Peaceful Easy Feeling” before going into their namesake song “Life In The Fast Lane.”  Myra Luv also sang a version of “Desperado” that moved many in the crowd.
Later in the concert, the band delved into the Eagles’ solo efforts with Don Henley’s “All She Wants To Do Is Dance” and Glenn Frey’s “The Heat Is On.”
At the end of the show, the band finished their main set with “Get Over It” and “Hotel California,” before coming back with a high energy performance of Don Henley’s “Dirty Laundry,” that sent the crowd home excited.
“That show was awesome,” could be overheard from several members of the audience.