Woman’s Club Donates To Suicide Prevention Program

The Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program began in 1994 after the death of 17 year old Michael Emme. As with many grass roots organizations, it began small and was born of a tragic life changing event. Since its inception, chapters or clubs have sprung up across the country as well as in several foreign nations. Holtville’s Chapter was launched in 2001, after one of its own chose the path of suicide to solve his problems. The impetus is always need; a need for information, for collaboration, for answers. Sadly, the answers often never come, but the stigma that is lifted every day by the dedication of the many that so fervently continue this path of enlightenment, is felt by survivors as well as those in need of help.

The Woman’s Club of Holtville, a service organization first founded in 1908, recently held a spaghetti dinner with all proceeds being given to the local Yellow Ribbon Club. Members of both clubs worked side by side serving hungry customers, all lovingly and with the intention of partnering with Yellow Ribbon’s message that “it’s okay to ask for help”.  The ladies’ mottos include the following two statements, “None goes his way alone,” and, “O Lord God, let us forget not to be kind!” These women of Holtville have proven that they stand behind their words, that this is not a group of women merely looking for an afternoon off or for a game of cards when convenient. They truly epitomize the idea of goodness and “put action into their better impulses, straight forward and unafraid.”

Thank you, Joanie and Debbie Thornburg and all of the members of the Woman’s Club of Holtville, for supporting our mission; thank you Jeff Plourd of El Toro Exports and MVG Farms for the generous donations; thank you Holtville Tribune and Luke Phillips for the lovely article and thank you, residents of Holtville who came out and enjoyed our fundraiser.

Sincerely, Margaret Strahm

Holtville High School

Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Club Parent Advisor

To learn more about our program, please visit http://www.yellowribbon.org/ And always remember, It’s Okay to Ask for Help!©