Tips For a Terrific Super Bowl Party

What host or hostess wants company leaving their home with a laundry list of complaints about the party or get-together they just attended? While not everything about the event is bound to go picture-perfect, there are some things individuals should keep in mind when inviting others into their home.
DO have plenty of food and beverages on hand. Skimping on refreshments is not the way to win rave reviews. If you’re having 25 people over, be sure to have enough food for them all.
DON’T expect guests to bring food or wine with them unless you specify that this is a pot-luck type of party. Even in terms of bring-your-own type parties, many invitees feel resentment at having to come to a party with something in hand.
DO take the time to mingle and converse with every guest you have invited. This makes everyone feel special and comforted in that you invited them because you truly enjoy their presence.
DON’T spend time at the party cleaning up or washing dishes. Guests may get the impression you’re disinterested or are simply trying to usher them out of the door earlier. Save the dishwashing and clutter control for the end of the event.
DO get on the same page with your spouse or other housemates about the start time of the party. Arguments can ensue when guests arrive ahead of time and the space is not yet prepared for the party.
DON’T assume that everyone will abide by the invitation for arrival time. Expect that there will be some people who will arrive early (there are those friends and family who love to be the first on the scene). Similarly, there will be those who enjoy being fashionably late. A good host or hostess will be able to accommodate and hide his or her annoyance.
DO keep arguments or critique of a spouse or other family members out of the party. Guests will feel uncomfortable if there are fights or squabbles in front of them. Plus, it’s simply not classy to do so.
DON’T forget to check the powder room frequently to ensure that the hand towels are adequate or that the waste basket is cleaned out.
DO know that you can’t control the weather. So do your best to work with what Mother Nature dishes out the day of your party.
DON’T assume everyone likes to eat what you do. Put out a variety of foods that will meet with others’ dietary restrictions or preferences. Always include a vegetarian and even vegan option that will be filling.
DO specify the type of party you will be having on the invitation. You do not want guests arriving thinking you’re serving dinner when cocktails and appetizers are the only fare.
DON’T embarrass guests or make them feel uncomfortable in any way. If there is a breakage or spill, handle it with tact. Also, if you’re hosting one of those parties where someone is selling anything from candles to jewelry, don’t single out anyone for failing to make a purchase.
DO keep any pets contained. You may love wet kisses or fur on your clothing, but others may not be so enthralled with the pet experience.
DON’T forget to send out invitations a few weeks to a month in advance of an event. Today’s invitations can be customized and there are so many design possibilities available.