Skate Park Funds Might Be Gone After PSB, City Applies For Grant

By Luke Phillips
The Holtville City Council voted last Monday, Feb. 22nd,  to put a safety net in place for the city’s proposed skate park.
City Manager Laura Fischer warned them that there may not be enough money left over for the park after the city’s new public safety building is constructed.
The council voted unanimously to approve a resolution that authorizes the city to submit an application for a grant from the Statewide Park Development Community Revitalization Program of 2008 to fund the park.
According to Fischer the grant is only available for new park projects, so current plans to build Holtville’s skate park at the Samaha Park tennis courts would have to be scrapped in favor of a site located at 4th Street and Pine Ave.
Applying for the grant does not preclude the city from going back to the original plan if there are capitol improvement funds left over after the public safety building is finished, but the city would lose a non-refundable application fee of up to $7,000.
The grant program provides up to $5M for each community park project, but Holtville will only be applying for $800,000  – the estimated cost of the skate park project if it is built at the 4th Street site.
Grant applications are scored using a points system based on certain criteria in the community. According to a report from Holtville Grant Manager Virginia Medoza, the city meets or exceeds all of the requirements. The scoring criteria include:
– Critical Lack of Park Space
– Significant Poverty
– Type of Project
– Community Based Planning
– Sustainable Techniques
– Fees and Hours of Operation
– Youth Outdoor Learning Employment or Volunteer Opportunities
– Community Challenges and Project benefits.
Deadline for the grant application is March 1 and grants will be awarded in September of this year.