Sheriff Ray Loera To Run for Second Term

I am announcing today that I intend to run for a second term for the Office of Sheriff of Imperial County.  I have had the privilege of being your Sheriff and serving the constituents of the Imperial County for the past three years. I am asking for your continued support.

Although we are dealing with budget problems, and the future is tenuous, we can become a stronger community by working together. The Sheriff’s Office has improved by being fiscally responsible and working with our constituents. I am looking forward to leading this outstanding organization for the next four years and continuing the progress we have already begun.

The next few years will be a defining time for the Imperial County Sheriff’s Office. Although we have made substantial gains in many areas, the work has only begun. As we move into a new era, we have the opportunity to create a stronger vision of being a “Service” organization to the members of our communities.  We are positioned to take the Imperial County Sheriff’s Office to a higher level of excellence. Our goal is to continue to enhance safety and service. The City of Holtville has shown its confidence in our ability to provide outstanding service when it contracted with the Sheriff’s Office for their law enforcement services.

During my first term I have come to know the communities of the Imperial Valley and their unique needs. As I campaigned for Sheriff I recognized we had to “return to the basics”. There was a need to return to the communities and regain their trust, and reconnect with them. To accomplish this we focused on filling and retaining twenty-two vacant Deputy Sheriff positions. Within the second year we filled these positions and have been able to significantly slow the high turn- over rate.  With this done we have put more Deputies in the field. Not only have we put more units on the road, we are now assigning Deputies to communities on long term assignments, addressing the communities concerns of not knowing their Deputies.

The concerns of our Corrections Division have gained equal importance, and many issues have been addressed. Just as in the Operations Division, we focused on filling and retaining over fifteen Correctional Officer positions.  In concert with Deputy Sheriff recruitment,  we were able to fill most of these positions. This has allowed us to provide a safer environment not only to our correctional staff, but also to the inmate population. We have invested in replacing and upgrading important equipment in the correctional facilities that will help officers keep this a safe environment. As the State budget problems impact the County, issues in Corrections are playing a more significant role. However, we are moving in a positive direction.

I hope to meet many more of you throughout the next few years. I also ask, and welcome, any ideas that can help us become a better organization.


Raymond Loera

Imperial County Sheriff