Parking Agreements For Calexico 10 Movie Theater and Future Medical Building Aproved

By Mario Conde

The Calexico Planning Commission approved Monday the parking agreements between Calexico 10 Movie Theater and the future Medical Building in that area.

The commission approved the determination for joint use of parking facilities at the Calexico 10 Theatre site. The Planning Commission approved last year the subdivision of the Movie Theater area into three parcels. Two weeks ago, the commission adopted a resolution finding that the land transfer of parcel #1 between RDA and Pacific Media Properties was in conformity with the General Plan. Pacific Media Properties plans to create a medical building in that parcel that will provide laboratory, imaging, and other medical services.

The Redevelopment Agency of Calexico took over the property in 2006 to avoid the closing of the theaters. Shortly thereafter, the Council gave direction to RDA to separate the property into parcels.

The Calexico 10 Movie Theater parking lot is underutilized according to a survey done by the City. The survey revealed that at the busiest time (8:00PM), the most parking spaces used were 57 spaces which represents 15% of the parking facility. This is attributed to the fact that Theater attendance had declined due to the opening of Cinemark at Imperial Valley Mall. Parcel #1 currently contains 140 parking spaces which are part of the 396 spaces throughout the facility. The new proposed building would displace approximately 68 parking spaces. This leaves approximately 72 parking spaces available for Parcel #1 use. The proposed two-story building is approximately 25,000 sf therefore requiring approximately 100 spaces. Parcel 1 development could be short approximately 28 parking spaces.

City finds that there will be no conflict peak demand times due to the fact that the operation of theater and medical office will be different. The demand time for the medical office building will be between 8:00AM to 5:00PM Monday thru Friday while peak demand time for theater use is after 5:00PM Monday thru Thursday and during the weekend when the Medical Facility will be closed.

The RDA is agreeable to the recordation of a reciprocal parking and access agreement.

In other items, the Planning Commission approved a conditional use permit in order to allow the permanent installation of two modular units for use of classrooms on a property located on Emerson Avenue.

The application for the CUP was submitted to the City in order to consider allowing the permanent placement of two modular units for use as classrooms by the CEDES Community Christian Church located on Emerson Ave. City code states that mobile units for use exceeding 90 days requires review and approval for Conditional Use Permit. Commissionaire Eduardo Lopez excused himself from this item since his father owns property near the property.

The existing building  on the property which once served as NAPA auto parts but now is currently used by CEDES. The use of the building as a church in the city’s Industrial zones is permitted. During the review of the proposed application, the applicant was advised that a CUP was needed in order to locate those units.

Pastor Jose Luis Benson said that those units would be used to for the youth groups and bible study sessions. The modular units will be limited to Wednesday and Sunday. The Council Chambers were packed by people that congregate at the Church. There was some discussion about the City requiring the Church to improve the landscaping and the condition of the sidewalk along Seventh Street. Members of the Church were concerned that the City would put an extra burden on the Church by requiring improving the landscape.

After some discussion it was clarified by the Church leaders that they will not be using Seventh Street since the only entrance they use is from Emerson Ave. The Planning Commission deliberated and agreed to grant the CUP and eliminating conditions number 5 & 6 that required the applicant to replace the sidewalk on Seventh Street and improve the alley in order to have it in accordance with City Codes