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Carrot Festival Times Are Changing; Plenty To Do This Weekend Too

THE TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN’ – The Holtville Carrot Festival enters its second weekend following what everybody said were big crowds for the first weekend.
That’s good. It brings a lot of people to town that normally wouldn’t come here. And it calls attention to our businesses – sort of.
Improvements can always be made as  long as the people find the event popular and a good place to go, then you can only look to positives.
There were big crowds, for the Rib Cook-Off which returned to the Carrot Festival this weekend. Even Bob Filner came around again (must be an election year). But, once again, their weren’t enough ribs to go around and lots of booths were closing early because they ran out of supplies. That left plenty of folks standing around with little to do and nothing to eat well before noon. We should all be so lucky to have these problems. But, we liked the old days when Holt Park was full of people who would stop and visit while enjoying country music and a plate of ribs.
These days, you have to fight to get to the ribs, a place to sit and a soda to drink. It’s lost a little of the down-home flavor over the years.
So, once again,  the Holtville Athletic club needs to get more equity into the rib distribution, so there are plenty of ribs available and people can get what they pay for.
You can also open it up for a longer time during the day. Rushing to get out of there as early as possible defeats the purpose behind the event to begin with.
Family fun and old friends make a good combination with good food. A little less hurrying will also make for better tasting and better cooked ribs. Stretch the event out for a couple more hours and see how much more manageable it could be.
And last, but not least, return it to Holt Park where it will get maximum exposure for the participants and the Holtville Athletic Club.
This front of the line exposure will get more people here and give the booths more room. There will even be more parking too.
We’re looking forward to next year already and hope the Rib Cook-Off only gets more exposure.
THE SECOND HALF OF THE SATURDAY EVENT had some casualties among the people who showed up to drink beer and get rowdy with country music.
The “music festival” that took the place of the golf tournament left anybody with children looking for a way out of town.
The crowd at Hot Rods & Beer was a little restless if any of the e-mails we  received were true.
We also got some eyewitness reports from moms who weren’t keen on taking any children near the place. There were also plenty of “cowboys” who had plenty of liquid courage in them to make anyone cautious. There were plenty of cops around, though. The Sheriff’s Department, we are told, kept a pretty good eye on the whole affair.
This one really needs a lot more thought if it’s going to be held again. We prefer the family atmosphere the Carrot festival used to carry.
MEANWHILE GET OUT AND TAKE IN THE PARADE, the carnival, the arts and crafts show, the auto show, all the food booths you can get to and have a good time in the park.
Lots of local organizations participate and look forward to this Saturday all year. It’s their time to get out and mingle with the people.
Remember the Super Bowl Barbecue sponsored by the Holtville Rotary Club on Sunday too.
Families are invited each day and they’re welcome too. There’s plenty of carnival rides to keep you amused.
Hope to see you there, partner!
WE’VE BEEN HAPPY SEEING THE Sheriff’s Deputies patrolling around Holtville since taking over the police duties a month ago.
They’re a very official and authoritative group that adds credibility to the police force and the city. So far, so good. We’re looking forward to a very good year for the city.